ACUSON Bonsai iWorks Quick Card

This Quick Card demonstrates creating an iWorks protocol for an advanced workflow.

ACUSON Bonsai Ultrasound System iWorks Protocol Configuration ACUSON Bonsai® Quick Reference Card Creating an iWorks protocol for an advanced workflow. .......................... ............................ Step 1 iWorks Preset Step 7 Measurement Select iWorks Preset from the Select Measurement tab • • setup menu. to add a measurement. Step 2 Add Protocol Step 8 CARD V Select Add Protocol or Copy a Select measurement • • factory default to use as a template. Copy package and type. 2D Measurement V Step 3 Protocol Name Step 9 Selected Items Add Protocol Name. Use arrows to move > IVSd (2D) Up • • Adult Cardiac_1 measurement(s) to LVIDd (2D) ....................... Selected Items list. Step 4 < LVPWd (2D) Protocol Type Move measurements • Select Protocol Type and Use This Down • Protocol Under (any / all applicable Up /Down in sequence. << presets). TIP Protocol Type: Sequence – steps of protocol as listed. • Step 10 Text 1 Random – steps in randomized sequence. • Select Annotation PLAX • Insert – protocol created for a specific pathology. • to add text. Location: ....... Add Text and • Top Left Top Middle Top Right Step 5 Add View Location. Center Select Add View. • Annotation O Type View Name. View Name: Bottom Left Bottom Middle Bottom Right • .............................. TIP Change order of views using Step 11 Up /Down controls. Body Mark Select Body Mark tab • and exam type. Adult Cardiology Step 6 Model Combinations Select from list of • Choose imaging mode(s) B Mode available body markers. • from Mode Combinations. Dual Mode B+Color Mode Step 12 B+ PW Mode Save Save changes. • B+Color + PW Mode B+CW Mode B+Color +CW Mode B+ M Mode SIEMENS Healthineers HOOD05162002824443 iWorks Configuration Tips iWorks Protocol Workflow Tips Protocols can be imported / exported under the A protocol can be paused at any time from the soft key • • maintenance tab in the setup menu. controls. It can then be resumed from the Applications Protocols can be modified by adding views, Menu. • measurements, annotations, and body markers When the protocol is paused and additional images - at any time. are acquired, those images will appear in the Factory default protocols can be modified. sequence acquired within the protocol (they will not - A view can also be modified at any time. appear at the end). - AutoEF can be configured into a protocol. To make a measurement, select Measure (calipers will • - appear for designated measurement). A view can be repeated by selecting Repeat from soft • keys; the original image acquired will still remain. A view can be skipped. • The user can move forward (Next) or backward - (Previous) within the protocol views at any time. A view can be replaced (Replace) and previous • acquisition will be deleted. A view can be deleted while in the protocol from the • thumbnails. A separate protocol can be inserted inside the current • protocol (Insert). For example, a protocol specifically made for mitral - regurgitation can be inserted and performed within the current protocol being performed. At any point during the protocol, the Incomplete soft • key will display a list of views that have not been performed and allow the user to complete. Once all views are captured, the system will prompt the • user to exit iWorks. Select Stop to exit in advance. - If any views were not captured, a message will prompt - the user. iWorks and AutoEF are trademarks of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. ACUSON Bonsai is a trademark of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Siemens Healthineers Headquarters Distributed By Siemens Healthcare GmbH Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Henkestr. 127 Ultrasound 91052 Erlangen, Germany 685 East Middlefield Road Phone: +49 9131 84-0 Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Phone: +1-888-826-9702 Manufactured By Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Published by Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. · Order No. A91US-750-1C-4A00 · Printed in Germany · 5795 0218.xx · © Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., 2018 HOOD05162002824443

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