ACUSON Freestyle Battery Management

This video explains how to manage the battery.

Hi, I'm here today to talk to you about the Acuson Freestyle series and how to properly charge the batteries. Successful wireless probe scanning without interruption requires a properly charged battery pack to charge a battery. We're going to use the two on system based to charge the batteries. And we're also going to show you how to check the status of those batteries for optimal charging of the pro batteries. Plug the console into an AC power outlet. The pro batteries will charge from the console battery if it has sufficient power to charge a pro battery first remove the battery and place it in the charging bed. Confirm the proper engagement by checking the status light. On this system you see it's Amber. That means the battery is charging over here. This one is green, which means the battery is fully charged. I remove it from the charging bait and place it into the probe. There are two ways to check the battery charge status. The 1st way is to look at the real time imaging screen at the very top. As I insert the batteries into the charging Bay, 5 dashes are going to appear for each battery. The five dashes over here are bright. This indicates fully charged the five dashes over here. For bright, which indicate only 80% charge, the 2nd way to check the pro battery status is to go into the setup menu, select system on the System menu page. You're going to see two areas for the left charging Bay and the right charging Bay. Check the battery status. We see one is at 100%. And the other is at 74%. During life scanning, monitor the charge level status of the pro Battery and the system battery. The two icons in the bottom right corner of the system indicate the probe an the system battery. Typically a fully charged pro battery will provide approximately 90 minutes of continuous scanning. A fully charged system battery will provide about one hour of continuous scanning, but Please note the estimated charge remaining is an approximation and numerous factors such as scanning mode and battery age could affect the accuracy. A pop-up message on the console will alert you when the pro battery approaches approximately 20% of remaining power. You should then take action to avoid any interruption to the exam. First, freeze the image. Second, you may want to turn off the probes and replace it with a new battery. When the system battery approaches 10%, the battery alert message will be repeated. Shortly following that, the probe will automatically shut down. When the 10% remaining charge message appears, you should take action as to not interrupt the exam. When the pro battery charge level goes below 20%, the light on the probe will change from green to Amber.

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