ACUSON Freestyle Imaging

This video explain imaging on the ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system.

The freestyle was designed to make imaging easy. This begins with our factory installed exam types. These exam types provide real time parameter presets designed for specific types of clinical exams. The standard exam types can help optimize imaging settings with minimal operator effort. The complete list of available factory exam types is shown in the exam setup page. Go to the exam setup page by selecting setup system and exams. Use the trackball or an external pointing device to select the desired exam types. You can select either an entire exam group like MSK or you could select just individual exam types within each group. When you go back to the scan screen and start image Ng, all of those selected exam types will show up under the exam menu. Users can create custom exams by starting with the factory exam type. And then changing whatever setting they desire. Go back to the exam menu and click save exam. This creates a user exam type that's named you exam followed by a number. This label can be changed by going back to the exam setup page. Notice that new user exam type shown here. During real time scanning, the frequency transfer focus T GC and gain are automatically optimized. The real-time control bar along the right side of the screen provides soft keys for adjusting imaging parameters. These include gain, depth, color, etc. Notice how I use the outer ring of the control nob to select one of those parameters. The parameter can be changed by turning the inner nob. The value is adjusted up or down by turning counterclockwise or clockwise. Certain controls are on, off, or toggle controls. These include colorflow, an freeze or unfreeze. Other imaging parameters are under the tools menu, select tools and other parameters such as dynamic range and post processing are available. All these parameters are also accessible through the pro controls. These can be remotely adjusted by the user. The acuson freestyle Pixel former architecture provides uniform focusing throughout the field of view as seen by the target uniformity in this Phantom image. Notice that there is no hourglass distortion of the targets characteristic of conventional systems, as well as the exceptional resolution in the near field. To obtain a wider field of view, select the wide mode control. This enables a trapezoidal display to go back to normal imaging format. Select wide again.

SIEMENS SIEMENS ACUSON Freestyle Serial Number: 002141 Serial Number. Serial Number: Number: 002141 002141 07-APR-2017 AC SIEMENS L8-3 Unfreeze System Freeze Fnfreeze Exit Exams Save Exnm 07-APR-2017 AM 07-APR.2017 07.APR-2017 AM 07-APR-2017 07-APR-2017 M AM AC MSK Deep u Exam O • Exams B Exams u ExamO • Exams u ExamO B Exams C5-2 L13-5 C5-2 L13-5 L8-3 L8-3 Freeze Freeze IS-JUN.2017 PM 07-APR-2017 M Save AM PM Display Page Clip Depth: 14cm Save Exami Save Examn Wide: Off Save Exam Exams • Abdominal B Abdominal BMSK — Abdominal CG9 Gain: 8 Clip Save n MSK n Nerve BMSK Dyn. Range: I ACUSON pp 4 Needle V Probes Scroll Page Compound: 2 Speckle: 8 Cain Needle V Nervle 55dB pp 4 Needle V L/R Reverse: M.Line: Off Off DICOM OICOM 55dB Depth Color: Off color: Off Priority: 4 Priority: 3 Admin Abdominal Wide Gain BMSK MSK *'r' Abdominal 9-ÄAbdominal C 9 C Gain: 9 C 1 C 3 C O ACUSON Freestyle ACUSON SIEMENS C 1 Speckle: 8 C O C Scale: O Vel 1 Tools Color C Box: Mid Helpdesk Depth Nerve Nervle MSK V: Off (20•) 00 dB 00 s Nerve Color Exams B Exams Text MSK Hip sp Gen Spine Exams Wide de TGC DICOM C Gain patient print sp Gen V Gen Tools View ools • Abdominal Abdominal V Gen ACUSON Freestyle Chrge Level Chrge Cycle ACUSON Charge Cycle ChÜge Cycle Chrge Cycle Imaging Exams • Exams AC AM 100% Exams • Exams Close Tools Empty 00 dB dB Wide Right Charger Bay ANL 0.0 dB Wide List A ctive Probe A cüfve Probe A cffve Probe System -11 11 ACUSON Freestyle S etup Setup Scan Patient Measure Delete Rename A ctivate Patient S •tup ACUSON Freestyle

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