ACUSON Freestyle Needle Visualization

This video explains how to use the ACUSON Freestyle needle visualization feature.

Hi, I'm going to talk to you about needle visualization. This feature is an option to improve the display of needles during the procedure by brightening linear structures such as needles when they are perpendicular to the graphic line displayed in the image. This setting is activated by the user. The system adjust the spatial com pounding function to steer the ultrasound perpendicular to the needle in order to maximize the reflection of the needle. Other imaging parameters, such as special and frequency, are also optimized to provide visualization of the needle in both B mode and color mode. For instance, using this needle Phantom. If I want to advance the needle on the side of the probe with the power signal, this corresponds to the small a. On this side of the image, I would put the data line graphic for Needle V on the opposite side, and then I advanced the needle right in perpendicular to that line. And you can see if I take off needle V, it disappears and when I put it on it comes back on. Needle visualization has six settings. They can be controlled by either the system or the probe to control it from the system using the outer nob select needle V and then using the inner nob it will bring on an angle. This is an example. If you entered the needle from this side. This will be a shallow angle. If you rotate the inner nob again, that's a steeper angle. We also offer an out of plane setting that optimizes the needle tip. If you are using an out of plane needle. That's this flatline. This is the steep on the other side. If the needle comes in this way and this is the shallow on the other side and then it can toggle to off. You can do the same controls from the probe by using the slider to select Needle V and then using the plus and minus to rotate. So you can do plus, or you can do minus to the other direction, so that will rotate around so all the controls from the NOB can be handled from the probe. In addition, we have other ways of just turning on and off Needle V. You can either hit the console on the sign next to the needle V, or you can push the NOB and that will retain the last setting you were just on. Needle visualization on the acuson freestyle has a unique feature that offers an out of plain needle tip enhancement. The blue horizontal line is when the system is in out of plane mode. If you advance the needle in this plane with it on, it helps you see the tip of the needle, whereas if you turn off the needle visualization, the visualization is less.

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