ACUSON Freestyle Patient Study Creation

This video explains how to create a study.

Today I'm going to be showing you a few different ways to create patient studies on the acuson Freestyle series systems. To configure a new patient study on the system, begin by pressing the patient softkey to display the new patient screen using the trackball, place the cursor in each entry field, then press the left trackball key to select the entry field. You can enter the information using the external USB keyboard or you can go to the onscreen keyboard icon. Press the left trackball key again to bring up another keyboard option. When you're done in the onscreen keyboard, just select OK. Then when you're ready to scan and go directly to the real time imaging screen, select scan from the Softkey setup menu. If you start scanning a patient and save images without entering a patient name or ID, the system will automatically create a study file for that patient study as you see here we have test on the screen as a patient name when you start the new study and start scanning, you'll notice that the name has changed, too. Unknown, this is because you did not enter any patient registration data. The patient name will be listed as unknown. A machine generated ID number will be created and the date and time of the study will be recorded. This information will become part of the image screen saved with the images during or after the study. It is possible to modify the patient information that appears in the patient study archive if the patient already has a study stored in the system, you will still need to enter new patient information at the time of a new study. The system does not provide patient folders with multiple studies. If the DICOM support option has been included in your system configuration at the time of purchase, you can use the workless option to obtain existing patient information. Just make sure that the work list has been configured properly and that it is connected to a DICOM modality worklist server. To query the work list, select the patients. Then work list. This option provides a shortcut to entering patient information as you create new patient studies by accessing your DICOM worklist server where information can be stored, you can query the worklist server using a variety of search terms or conditions, such as patient name or exam date. If the query returns a patient for whom you want to create a study, highlight the patient name as you see here. John Jones is highlighted and then just select create. The data will be entered into the system, and the study will be activated for that patient. For user sites not equipped with DICOM networking. This modality work. This functionality is also available using the acuson freestyle mobile Link app that runs on any standard Windows tablet. An additional benefit to the Acuson freestyle Mobile Link app is the ability to review and share clips and images as seen here on the tablet. You will notice that we have the patient study for John Jones pulled into the tablet, and if you select it you can see the images that we just took on the study are now shown within the tablet.

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