ACUSON Freestyle Probe Localization

This video describes the probe localization features.

Hi I would like to talk to you about the freestyle probe localization feature. It is very important to carefully manage the location of your wireless probes and not misplaced them. Do not leave pros behind when performing mobile procedures. The system provides a basic level of localization as a means of assisting and preventing the unintentional separation of the wireless probe from the console. This feature uses Bluetooth radio in the probe, an console to monitor the connection. An proximity of the wireless probe to the console. If the signal falls below a threshold, it may mean the separation distance is greater than normally used for scanning. When this condition occurs, the proble emits a continuous audible tone and a visual notification will be displayed on the console. This feature cannot be disabled. Please note the localization feature requires approach to be turned on and connected wirelessly to the console and to be in the freeze mode. Enabling automatic freeze on the probes page will improve the function of this feature by automatically freezing the system when imaging is not active. The probe localization feature is subject to uncertainties inherent to Bluetooth radio connection quality and should not be relied on as a primary means of locating probes. It is a good practice to always return the pro to the sterile tray when the user is not imaging with the probe. Do not set the probes on the exam table. Do not set the probe on the patient or any part of the draping. There are two probe localization settings to help prevent the pro from getting lost, both low and high settings include visual an audible notifications when a study is closed, the probe is turned off. And the console is turned off and I'll show you how to access those at this time. First go into setup, go into your system menu and select probes. Enable the probe localization. Alerts must be checked and you can come over to the pull down area and select either high or low. The high setting has notifications for probes in activity. The auto freeze feature is automatically enabled with the high setting to demonstrate the high setting. I'm first going to go to a live image. And I'm going to demonstrate the visual notification. This is the visual notification displayed when your probe has been inactive for at least three minutes to locate a probe, just press the NOB. After an additional 2 minutes, audible sounds will be emitted from the system 75 seconds after that, an audible tone will be heard from the probe. To demonstrate that tone, I'm going to hit the identify button so you can hear what it sounds like.

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