ACUSON NX3™ Series Ultrasound System, Annotations, Pictograms, and Arrow

This web-based tutorial includes a discussion of the annotation pictograms, and arrows that are avaliable on the NX3 System.

Annotation, Pictograms, and Arrows             ACUSON NX3 Series Ultrasound Systems Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Discuss features access and display Explain Text functionality Outline Pictogram functionality and customization Describe Arrow functionality Access Annotations, Pictograms and Arrow on the keyboard: •Press T for Text •Press Pictogram for body marker menu •Press Arrow to add an arrow to the image screen Text can be programmed on the user-defined keys in the Preset menu. Touch screen will display selectable tabs for each function.   Once selected the options for each function will be displayed on the touch screen. Annotations can be placed at a pre-determined Home position or anywhere within the imaging area.   Pictogram display location is on the right side of the screen, top or bottom.   Arrows can be placed anywhere in the imaging screen. Right Sagittal Next, we will explain the Text functionality and some customizations. Pre-defined Text A "Orientation" Pre-defined Text B "Position" Text functions Library and user-defined text Page control To use pre-defined labels, select T on the keyboard.     Select options from Text A and / or Text B. The chosen text keys will be highlighted. Text will appear onscreen at the cursor point or pre-defined Home location. Library text options contain anatomic labels for each exam type.   Activate the Text function.   Select appropriate label from Library list.   Selected label will be highlighted on the touch screen.   Customization (e.g. test, test2, test3) of anatomy labels is found in Presets > Text Annotation. To replace an annotation with an option from the same Text A or B grouping: •Use the trackball to place the cursor within the label to be changed   •Press the Set key and the text will become green   •Select another text option from the same group and the text will replace        Use the same keystrokes to move text around (reposition) the imaging screen.             Once the text has been highlighted in green, use the trackball to move it to another location _____ To edit / erase an annotation: •Use the trackball to place the cursor at the end of the label to be edited •Press the Set key and the text will become green •Press the backspace key on the keyboard to erase the text •Use the keyboard to manually enter the new text or select a predefined label on the touch screen     _____ Customized  tab order Auto-Complete  text On / Off Annotation list Add text field Text Type Change text order Save / Cancel   Exam type To add custom annotations: •Select text type (e.g. User Defined) •Enter the desired text to text field •Select Add and text will appear in text list     Next, we will outline Pictograms functionality and customization. To add a Pictogram to the imaging screen:   •Select the Pictogram key from the keyboard   •Select the desired Pictogram from the options displayed   •To Rotate the transducer marker, use the soft key rotary dial   •Home base controls are displayed at the bottom of the imaging screen     Customize Pictogram list  for each exam type in Presets > Pictogram List.   Select Exam & Quickset type from drop-down menu.   Use the Set key and Pointer to highlight the desired Pictogram and select add.       •Added Pictogram will appear in the Selected list •To Delete a Pictogram, select Delete •To rearrange the order of the Pictograms, select Move Front or Move Back •Select Save to complete the Pictogram customization process     To configure the Pictogram to delete when the image is unfrozen, select Delete Pictogram on Unfreeze in Presets > General 2 > Common Mode       Text (Annotations) can also be configured to delete on unfreeze by checking of Delete Text on Unfreeze in Presets > General 2 > Common Mode Next we will go over the arrow functionality. •Selecting the Arrow mode displays the Arrow functions at the bottom of the touch screen   •Add New, Delete, Delete All, or Rotate an Arrow from touch screen controls   •Exit the Arrow function available   •Imaging screen displays the Homebase Arrow control options   Active Arrow is green.   There are 3 Arrow sizes – Small, Medium and Large.   Manually adjust Arrow size using the soft key rotary control.   The Arrow length is not adjustable.   →   To configure the Arrow size and Type, select and option from the drop-down menu in Presets > General 2 > Common Mode     The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and examples only. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved.   ACUSON Sequoia is a trademark of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.   Copyright © Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2019  Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively “Operator Manual”) issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the software and hardware available at the time of the training.   The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information like warnings and cautions. Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. The information in this material contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well as standard and optional features that do not always have to be present in individual cases.   Certain products, product related claims or functionalities described in the material (hereinafter collectively “Functionality”) may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. In summary, we have discussed: Features access and display The functionality and customization of text annotation The functionality and customization of pictograms And the functionality of the arrow   Thank you for your interest! Complete the self verification section below to verify that you have performed the appropriate tasks.

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