Acuson P500 Chapter 04 - Patient Information Screen

Instructional video for the Acuson P500 system components, controls and basic operation. Chapter 4 - Patient Information Screen

Register Edit Patient Data New Patient Revistew Data Patient Demographics New Patient Edit patient Edit Patient PatientlD PatientlD L Last Name Last Edit patient Edit Patient First Name Last Name Date of Birth DD Date of Birth DD 1 MM Age MM 1 Age Name SIEMENS suf Gender Male Female Other PatientlD patient Height Weight kg mmHg Exam Exam Review Transducer VFIO-5 Accession No. Transducer Indication Ilndication Exam TRAUMA Medical Information Medical Info Additional Info Clear Screen Config Clear New Screen Clear Alt Ctrl New New Clear Screen SIEMENS Order Information Medical Information Performing MD Referring MD Performing MD Sonographer Angle PatientlD Cancel Print Print Store 1 Store 2 Angle