Acuson P500 Chapter 10 - Report

Instructional video for the Acuson P500 system components, controls and basic operation. Chapter 10 - Report

Carotid Caorotid Chorotid Bruit Bruit SRS Bruitsqs Bruitsgs BruitsSRS SIEMENS Configuration Report 10 1 45Years 4SYears 08110/2015 08' 10/2015 081 10/2015 081 10/2015s 0811012015 08" 012015 08,'10/2015 08'10/2015 08' 1012015 08.11012015 Exam 'fic Information Exam fic Information Exam fic Information • fic Information 'fic Information Indication : Syncope General 2 Anatom Descri ti Ana Descri Anatom Descri Anatomy Descri tion Ana Descri ti None None Report D Measurements Genitalia General I VI Fetus A ECA None 0.76 Indicmations Indications Syncope Indications Load Defaults Load Comments Syncope Clear All Set as Default Load Defaults 20.46 Results ACUSON BP (Left) : 110 / 58 [mmHg] ECA CCA Display Fetal Heart Motion L•Spine C-Spine L-Spine Motion Seen Not Seen Not Seen Results Rt ICA Mid Description Right Right Hight Right Method 4Ch heart C-Spine C-Sspine Gender : F Previously Seen BP (mmHg) (mmHg) Description Plaque Plaque Syncope Diastole Stenosis Diastole Diastole %Stenosis Description Rt ccA Dist Syastole SID : G Diastole 60 Label Diastole Syncope SID L, Spine Images Previously Seen crn/s crWs Antegrade •22. lcm's Summary Previously Seen •88.7 CCA Mid Report Rt Dist LVOT LvoT Sacrum Graph Summary 2D Measurements ICA Dist Not Seen Previously Seen Ao Arch 4 Extremities Comments 44.8 Patient Indication : Syncope Plaque Comments Abnormal 2D Measurements D Meas D Measurements Images 1.01 1401 24.46 2.46 92.2 87.5 37.5 ICA Dist Rt ccA Mid Ductal Arch Value Method Close Study Abnormal Method Load Comments Load Defaults Fetal Number Diaphragm Ratio Label Value Method Summary Exam D Measureme 2D Measurements Meas 0.76 Draw 14.01 Fetal Position Lungs Left cc_A Mid Rt cCA Mid Rt ccA Mid Rt cc_A Mid BP (mmHg) : 110 58 [mmHg] Delete Close Study Placenta Location Placenta Grade Stomach Label Value 0.53 2.12 RI Left • 88.7cm/s •88.7 86.2 Review Previously Seen Previously Right Cord Insertion Rt ccA Mid Rt CC-A Dist Rt cCA Mid Delete All Clear All Delete De teAIl Diastole Syastole •22.1cm/s • 88.7cm/s •22.1cm/s 24.4 20.4 Syastole Diastole %Stenosis 3.58 Placenta Grade 3-v cord 3-V cord cord RI Label SID •88.7 86.2 ACUSON cm's Abnormal AF Volume Abdominal Wall Anatomy Description Anatom Descri 1.84 Anatomy Diastole 872.5cm/s •22.1cm/s •22.1 •22.1cm/s 20.4 24.4 24.41 37.5cm/s 87.5 Rt CCA Dist CCA Dist placental Cord R Kidney 0.76 o. 76 3.58 Beep Volume 0.76 R ht 2.12 ICA Mid 1.41 Syastole Facial Profile L Kidney R Kidney 2464 •4.01 Load Defaults Ratio 0.76 LipslPalate Lips/Palate Bladder Rt ccA Dist Rt cCA Mid Rt CCA Dist Rt ccA Mid Rt cc-A Dist Lateral Ventricles •4.01 Bowel pattern Stenosis SIEMENS Diastole Syastole 86.2 87 scm/s 87 scrn/s 87 scmn/s 87 'cm's 87 scrnls 87.5 87_5 Chorotid Carotid Caorotid Genitalia Rt Mid Rt CCA Dist Vlalue Stenosis Diastole Posterior Fossa Cardiac Rhythm None 87 _5cm/s 87.5cm,'s 86.2 87_5 1.41 Cerebellum L Ankle/Foot R Ankle/Foot 20.4 Nuchal Fold Review Rreview 0.76 Right 14.01 1.41 86.2 Scrolling O Scrolling 3.58 37.58 Print Preview Preview print Report Export PDF Delete