Acuson P500 Chapter 11 - Configuration

Instructional video for the Acuson P500 system components, controls and basic operation. Chapter 11 - Configuration

General I Clip Store Archive Authorization Display Network Ba rcode Body Marker Measurement Method Service Custom Keys Text Annotation Exam Report Configuration Network Export Server I General 1 General 2 General I CH5-2 System Information Authorization Monitor — Measurement and Report Configuration — Measurement and Report Configuration Monitior Measurement and Report Configuration — Patient ID General I General 2 General 1 Disconnected 0B Administrator Compression: Medium High LOW Default Custom Keys I Custom Keys Distance Mode Tx Power 100% Hospital Name 20 minutes Clockwise ockwise Screen Saver Delay ACUSON Printer Play Only Active Clips Physio Display Dispblay Text A Text An n Text Length Freeze Time Settings 390102 Available Report Sections Available Report Sections Selected Report Sections DGC Curve Display Time Out Clockwise Counter•CIockwise 2 hours Exam Patient Banner Capture Type: Retrospective Soft Keys Scanned Data Doppler Mode Measurements Seamless Dual Play All Clips Measurement Method Display Items > V Enable Auto Complete Current Image Depth Brightness Velocity Mode Ratios Item & Reference Selection Doppler Mode Measurements 10/8/2015 Key Function Common Mode Available Annotations Language Selected Annotations Report Reptort Heaort & 2D/Doppler Display Format Trace Clip Length: System Information Edit Delete Comments Library > Comments Library Display Items User-Defined EFW Formulas Text Annotation Text An n Service Default Measurement Method Slide Show Time 13: 7 Right Body Marker Body Doppler Update Style General Configuration Comments Library > > User-Defined GA Data > > User-Defined MA Data > > Order Network Ne (UTC08:oo) Pacific Time (US & G Time Zone Patient Banner Printßtore 1 Image Store Static IP Address Delete Text on Unfreeze Trans General Configuration User-Defined GA Data > > Add Service Report Coronal Freeze Last Name Add Platform software: 1.0.4 (201508051 Clip Store , Clip Store Clip Store Body Marker Location Clip Store • Clip Store Clip Volume Patient Data Age Anatomy Assessments User-Defined Ratio Formulas > > User-Defined EFWio Formulas > > Above Baseline Below Baseline IP Address: IPC Address: Archive Audio power Off policy Modify Freeze Growth Analysis Graphs > Growth Analysis Graphs > > R-wave only R•wave only R•wave delay: R-wave delay: m sec Authorization Pelvis Default Auto Invert Of Color While Steering Login Required Off Shut Down With Confirmation Dialog Add printer Doppler I M-Mode Anatomy Assessments Anatomy Assessments > Orbits Image Store None Patient ID 20 Mode Ratio Ba öbde Ba rcode Cerebellum Shared Folder: On on Off Default Gateway: V Beep after Store Completes Host Name: Hospital Name Retry Attempts and Period Remove Remtove user Defined 2 Lateral Ventricle utility Utility Cisterna Magna Cisterna Magna Account: Beep Volume MAC Address: Post Fossa Doppler FrequencyNelocity Velocity Frequency Flow Volume Choroid Plexus password: Orbits Doppler Volume 3 Lead ECG Display Aux ECG Display Sonographer Hardware Default Hardware Default Configure New Key Aux Signal Display Respiration Display Accession No. Numeric Characters Not Used Touchpad Behavior Lowercase Characters Modify Touchpad Travel Speed Medium Off on Lead Type I Lead Type Il Restore Factory Settings Default Dual Cancel General Configuration Configuration Chapter 11 Config Ctrl New sd!D ÅeId Gain on Edge Persist