Aristos: Creating a New Study

Aristos: Creating a New Study step by step

Aristos: Creating a New Study Radiography 1. With the Browser closed, go to Options/Edit Regions/Studies. Dobons Help Maintenance End Session Auto Expose Configuration .. Service Auto Film Copy Image To Winnie Transfer Folder Detector Calibration ... Tube Statistics Edit Regions/Studies. Test Images 2. In the Studies tab, left click to select a Study similar to the one you would like to create. Studies 3. Select the create button. create 4. Type the study description of the new study, then copy and paste into the study name. The Study Description must match EXACTLY the name provided by the Hospital RIS. Study Name Study Description Send to: SIEMENS Healthineers Job Aid | Aristos: Creating a New Study Effective Date: 8/17/2016 | 666 5. Verify the Study List. If necessary, remove unwanted programs and add the correct programs from the Program List. To add: highlight programs to be added in the Program List. Double click on the items to add them. To remove: highlight unwanted programs in the Programs in Study, and select remove to eliminate them. remove Programs in Study WO44L Sternum lat Program List W lontomat S400 [X][ ][ ] W lontomat $560 [ ][x][] W lontomat S800 [ ][x][ ] W Manual Exposure 70kV 2.1Cu W033 Chest p.a. W034L Chest lat W037L Clavicle a.p/p.a. W037R Clavicle a.p/p.a W038 Clavicle panorama a.p. W040L Claviculadoint a.p W040R Claviculairt a.p. W041 Sternoclavicular joint pa W042al Schwedenstatus 1-3 ap W042aR Schwedenstatus 1-3 ap VV042bL Schwedenstatus 1-3 obl W042bR Schwedenstatus 1-3 obl W043 Sternum p.a W044L Sternum lat W045 Ribs a.p. W046L Ribs oblique Done Cancel 6. Select Done. Done 7. If there are any special characters in the study name (*, ^ , }…), select RIS Match. Siemens Healthineers Services Page 2 of 4 © Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2017 Job Aid | Aristos: Creating a New Study Effective Date: 8/17/2016 | 666 8. Select Save. If you use RIS Match, you will have to restart the system. Available Regions Save - PROLAYOLELEST POR.CLAMOLERTHE PR POR CHEST SNELE VERT PORRES LIMYIPADEST PXRRES IRVINE VER CHEST PAR SCAPULA LEFT PAR SCAPULA RICHT PXG SHOULDER LIVNI VEWS PAR SHOULDER RIMIN? VEAS PIG STERNOCLAVICULAR SSL) POR STERNOCLAVICULAR ESP PKR SP CERVICAL ICRIVERS FXR SP CERVICAL LIBERAL TV 200 SP CERVICAL MN & VERS PKG-SP CERVICAL I DELFLEXEXT PAR SP LINEARIVENT PAR SPILLINEAR 2 OR ) MENS 3X6-SP LUNEAR BENDING ONLY 4Y PXG SP LUNEAR COMPINCLUDES OB POR SP LUNEAR COMP W BENDING PXG SP THORACIC 2MEWS POR SP THORACIC IMENS FXR SP THORACCIMI4 VEAS FAR STERNOCLAVICULARSEI PARTE DELLABUTET PARTBAFBAALEST PARTEAFBLARGH Doen Ceal Siemens Healthineers Services Page 3 of 4 © Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2017 Job Aid | Aristos: Creating a New Study Effective Date: 8/17/2016 | 666 Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively “Operator Manual”) issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the software and hardware available at the time of the training. The Operator's Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information like warnings and cautions. Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. Certain products, product related claims or functionalities (hereinafter collectively “Functionality”) may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and examples only. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. Copyright © Siemens Healthcare GmbH ………………………………………………………… Siemens Healthineers Headquarters Siemens Healthcare GmbH Henkestr. 127 91052 Erlangen, Germany Telephone: +49 9131 84-0 Siemens Healthineers Services Page 4 of 4 © Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2017