ARTIS icono floor VE20 Store Direct Positions Video

This video will demonstrate how to store direct positions on the ARTIS icono floor VE20, on the Pilot Control Module  in the exam room. 

Welcome to the Artis Icono floor store direct positions video. In this video you will learn how to store frequently used system positions as direct positions on the pilot control module PCM. There are three keys surrounding the left joystick on the pilot control module for storing direct positions. Direct position 1, two and three. Here you can store your frequently used system positions so that you can access them easily during the examination. To store a direct position, move the See Arm system to the desired position. Direct positions are intended to provide an identical view and image impression only. The viewing direction, zoom and filter settings are restored. Press the store key at the front of the left joystick. The LEDs on the direct position keys flash. Select the key on which you would like to store the direct position. When the position is stored, a message appears on the control room display and on the exam room display. Additionally, an audible sound will be heard. The position will remain stored until overwritten. Please note it is also possible to store and access direct positions from your touch screen. To move the system to the direct position, press the direct position Key, 1, two, or three. Press down on the joystick and deflect the joystick away from you. Please note it is also possible to move the system to the direct position by pressing down and holding the direct position key.

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