ARTIS icono VE20 2D Image Review and Post Processing Video

This video will demonstrate how to review and post process 2D images on the ARTIS icono VE20 in the control room. 

Welcome to the Artis Icono 2D post Processing basics video. This video will guide you through the workflow to window images. Scroll through images. Loop through all scenes and access functions to post process images. You can access basic imaging functions with the right mouse. Click on the image. The options available depend on the selected image type. You can find further functions for adjusting the views of a scene or image in the image tab of the segment menu. For example, adjust the edge enhancement shutter in image zoom and pan. Flip the image vertically or horizontally and invert the image. You find the controls to review images at the bottom of the image segment. You can review scenes at the same frame rate as they were acquired, or you can slow down or speed up scene review depending on the acquisition, frame rate and system configuration. Please note for variable frame rate acquisitions the review speed cannot be changed. The acquisition mode and the acquired frame rate are displayed beneath the scroll bar. Press play to start the scene. Select the previous or next frame in the scene. Or use the slider to move to a point in this scene. Using the controls on the bottom left you can select the previous or next scene or image. You can review the studies so that scenes are played one after the other to loop the scenes select loop in the image tab of the segment menu. With contrast and brightness windowing, you can adapt the image to display the grayscale region of interest with optimal contrast conditions. There are several methods available for windowing images in the control room. To window the image using the mouse, press and hold the middle mouse button in the required image. To adjust the window center image brightness, move the mouse up and down. To adjust the window width image contrast, move the mouse left and right. You can also use your keyboard to adjust the window values. Press on the keys to adjust the image contrast and brightness. Additionally, you can adjust the window values from the image tab in the segment menu. Select the windowing icon. Drag the sliders to adjust image brightness and contrast.

I.CARD program (15 f/s) PATIENT, Cardiac mGy 0.00 235 cm 6,DSA program (VFR) program (VFR) 6.DSA program (VFR) 6 OSA program (VFR) 11/11/1911 (107). ID 0020329995. I.CARD Exam set cow 00 w mGy 0.00 cow 32 cm 235 cm 32 cm 32cm 235 235 cm 0 5_nuoro normal (15 pjs) o S_nuoro normal (15 pjs) S 5_nuoro normal (15 pjs) 4, use sliders to change windowing brightness/ Windowing Segment Menu 1927 center and contrastWidth center and contrastWwidth Patient, Cardiac PATIENT, Cardiac Batient, Cardiac atient, Cardiac 0020329995 0020329995V 020329995 Patient, Cardiac Image 020329995 Measurement icon ARTIS CLEARS C. LEARY Fit Annotation Storing Invert Zoom Shutter Annotation 7.5 All All 2D CARD 7.5 CARD f/s CARD 7.5 f/s 7.5

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