ARTIS icono VE20 Program Selection Video

This video will demonstrate how to change examination parameters on the ARTIS icono VE20 in the control room. 

Welcome to the Artis Icono program selection video. This video demonstrates how to change the selected program from the control room. In addition, you will learn how to activate Block X Ray from the control room user interface. During patient registration, you select the procedure type. The procedure includes an acquisition protocol and a fluoroscopy or road map protocol. Additionally, a case flow may be assigned to a procedure. If you need to change the selected procedure or protocol, select program selection from the info area. The procedures are organized into body regions. If required, select the required body region. The procedures are in a list on the left. Use the scroll bar if necessary to see all of the procedures. If required, select the procedure. If you have the optional touchscreen monitor, you can select the procedure via touch with your fingertip. You can select the current acquisition protocol and the fluoroscopy protocol. The fluoroscopy protocols are arranged into sets of three known as fluoroscopy, triplets. You can change the current fluoroscopy set. Additionally, you can change the following parameters. Acquisition frame rate fluoroscopy pulse rate acquisition, scene length and the measure field. To block X Ray from the control room, select Block X Ray in program selection.

cow OSA 1 (1 f/s) (4 f/s) Patient, Siemens Healthineers PATIENT, Siemens Healthineers mGy 235 cm Single CARE (Single) CARE (Single) (55). ID 2019107.31-233120-osT- (55). 2019.07131-233120-osT- (55), 2019107.31-233120-osT- (55), 12.2.1 (55), ID 2013107.31-233120-osT- (55). 2019.07.31-233120-osT- (55). ID 2019.07131-233120-osT- (55), ID 2019.07131-233120-0ST- 00 w cow 200 s 60 s mGy 0.00 49 cm 235 cm 0 FL Neuro xCare normal (2.5 0 FL Neuro *Care normal (2.5 0 H_ Neuro xCare bw (2.5 PIs) 0 H_ Neuro *Care bw (2.5 PIs) 0 FL Neuro sharp normal (7.5 p FL Neuro xCare 25 FL Neuro xCare normal FL Neuro xCare no o FL Neuro *Care normal (2.5 FL Neuro xCare 2.5 FL Neuro *Care normal (2.5 FL Neuro xCare normal (2.5 Program Selection Plane Selection Program selection Scheduler Plane Selection Block x-Ray Body Region Acquisition Protocol Fluoro Protocol Medical Information Procedure Information Procedure Information Procedure Patient Y Procedure HEAD DSA DSA 4 DSA 1 FL Neuro xCare normal FL Neuro xCare high FL Neuro xCare 25gh FL Neuro sharp 7.5 FL Neuro xCare 2.5w FL Neuro sharp high FL Neuro xCare lowh Neuro xCare low Last Name Admitting Diagnosis Patient,Siemens Healthinee Patient selection Body HEADT First Name 0 FL Neuro xCare norrl*l (2.5 0 FL Neuro xCare normal (2.5 FL Neuro xCare lowmal FL Neuro *Care normal FL Neuro normal FL Neuro sharp normal FL Neuro sharp lowmal FL Neuro xCare normal FL Neuro *Care normal (2.5 Acquisition Type Diagnostic Alerts DSA 1 care Procedure DSA 1 DSA 4 DSA 2 FL Neuro xCare high 0 FL Neuro xCare normal (2.5 FL Neuro sharp high FL Neuro xCare lowmal FL Neuro xCare 2.5gh FL Neuro xCare 2.5 FL Neuro sharp 7.5h FL Neuro xCare lowhal Middle Name Medical Alerts Brain Tumor Diagnostic 4 care HEADT selection Fluoro Sets pregnancy Status Brain Tumor DSA 2 Care DSA 4 Care FL Neuro Care 5 FL Neuro sharp FL Neuro xCare 25 Program selection Institution Aneurysm Vasospasm performing Physician Frame Rate Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Aneurysm Weight 0 FL Neuro xCare normal (2.5 FL Neuro xCare 25 Requesting Physician stroke Single 7.5 2.5 0.50 2.5 0.5 30 2.5 0.50 25 AVM FL Neuro 7.5 Operator FL Neuro sharp 7.5 15 10 30 10 7.5 0.5 30 10 30 15 10 30 stroke Stroke FL Neuro smooth 7.5 ID Scene Length Measure Field In IOS 60 s 80 s 200 s 120 s 400 s 160 s 20s 400 s 160 s 80 s 120 s 80 s 400 s 120 s 320 s 80 s 320 s 160 s 160 s 120 s 320 s 400 s 200 s 320 s 400 s 120 s 400 s 80 s information needs to be validated and confirmed • Man-dato" information

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