ARTIS icono VE20 Touchscreen Overview Video

This video will introduce you to the touchscreen on the ARTIS icono VE20. 

Welcome to the Artis Icono touchscreen introduction video. This video will introduce you to the basic functions of the touch screen. The settings menu is located in the top right corner of the touch screen menu. Here you can change the selected procedure, change the patient position, select the image, flip and close the patient. In the examination menu you can change the fluoro, an acquisition protocol and adjust parameters such as frame rate, pulse rate, and scene length. Additionally, you can access the 3D wizard in the examination menu. In the display menu you can change the exam room display layout and change the input source of the segment in the layout. In the see arm position menu you can select pre programmed system positions. In the table menu you can access functions related to the table. If your table is the standard table, you can adjust the table height from the table menu. If your table is the multi tilt table, you can adjust the table height and Additionally table tilt table cradle and table transversal. An lanja tude Inal movements. In the detector menu you can access functions related to the detector, including detector rotation and lift zoom and switching the laser light on and off in the road map and overlay menu you can activate the functions road map and overlay reference image, your favorite settings and functions can be added to a favourites list for easy access. To open a menu, press on the menu item on the touch screen. Move your finger up and down the menu to scroll through the menu items. To edit the position of the items in the menu or to add menu items to the favourites, perform along touch on the touch screen. To add an item to the favourites menu, press on the Star next to the item. To exit editing mode, press the check mark at the top right of the menu. To return to the main menu, press the arrow at the top left of the touch screen. To edit the favourites, open the menu. Perform along touch on the touch screen to enter Edit Mode. To change the position of a menu item, press on the left side of the item and move it to a new position with your finger. To remove an item from the favorite menu, press on the cross on the menu item. To change the frame rate and the fluoroscopy dose, select the examination menu. For example, to change the fluoroscopy protocol, select the fluoroscopy protocol. To move the system to a pre program position, select the see arm position menu. Select the desired position. Hold to drive appears, press hold to drive to activate the movement. The system will move into position. Keep pressing, hold to drive until the system reaches the position. To change to another position list, select the arrow at the top right of the touch screen menu. The menu of position lists opens. Select the desired position list. You can access the direct positions menu anytime by swiping from right to left on the touch screen. The direct access bar is at the bottom of the touch screen. Here you can access your most frequently used functions.

Card PATIENT, Siemens Healthineers ARTIS C-Arem Position System Positions Direct Positions C-Arm Position Examination Favorites Direct Positions1 Dirrect Positions Editing Mode FL(+) Card 1 Corol CARE Acquisition System Position Stop O-Position C-Arm Position C-Arem Position Frame Rate FL(-) Card 1 Examination 15 f/s Define as ROI FL card 1 Series De Series Descr. Fluoro Frame Rate Anatom. Positions C-Arm Position Direct Positions Current Positions System Positions Cnarom. Positions System Position Table Position FH+) card 1 FL(+) Card 1 7.5 pls Pulse Rate Frame Rate Current Positions System Positions C-Arm Position C-Arem Position Dirrect Positions & overlay Detector RDMP & overlay & Overlay overlay Acquisition Fluoro Cnarom. Positions 7.5 pls 15 f/s Case Flows Frame Rate Pulse Rate Tools Series Descr. Favorites Sys. Pos. Sys. POS. Case Display Exam Favorites Fawn tes Pos. POS. Case Flows Sys. Pos. Case Flows Exam

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