ARTIS Pheno Essentials Classroom Course

***Cary Based courses - COVID restrictions apply. A Siemens representative will contact you with details after registration.

The ARTIS pheno Essentials Course is designed to provide the participant with an understanding of the pheno robotic mechanical movements that are different from a conventional c-arm. This course will also give the participant the skills necessary to perform essential functions for the Artis pheno system utilizing the newest software platform. Through the use of demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on using an Artis pheno system, participants will learn the principles and workflow of patient examinations and 3D acquisition set ups. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and solutions to various challenges of the IR, cath lab, and the Hybrid OR environment.

 Note: 3D post processing is covered in the Advanced PURE Applications.

Key Topics:
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
  • ARTIS pheno system robotic movements
  • ​Safety aspects of Artis pheno system
  • Fluoro and Acquisition on the Artis pheno system
  • Peripheral angiography and 3D rotational angiography
  • Patient and image management
  • Post processing image​
  • Patient and Image Management
  • ​Archiving data to CD, Network 
  • Quantification for vessel analysis and LV analysis
  • ​Archival to Network/PACS, CD/DVD, and film
Target Audience
ARTIS pheno users, radiology technologists, and/or additional staff responsible for operating the Artis pheno systems.

Accreditation:  This class is approved for 14.5 Category A credits.

Disclaimer: All AT courses offered at the Cary Training Center are designed to instruct the customer with the latest applications software version that crosses all Siemens hardware systems. The hardware system that the customer has purchased may not be specifically reflected in the course content, but may be reviewed by the instructors during the course of the training. Also the course content is not procedural specific (i.e. neuro, IR, IC, and Hybrid OR). All procedural concepts will be combined in the discussions as they develop during the course.


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