Artis Systems VD12: Annotations Control Room Video

This video explains how to add annotations on the control room user interface.

Welcome to the artist. Annotations in the control room video. In this video you will learn how to add annotations on the control room user interface. All annotation tools can be found in the tools sub Task card. You can add text, circles, lines, arrows and polygons. 1st add text annotations to your image. To do that, select the annotation icon. You can select a predefined text from a list if you want to change the name of an entry, double click the respective entry. Rename the entry as required. Then select OK. The entry has been renamed. Select the entry to add it to your image. Select the required position in the image where you want to display the text. The text will appear immediately. To place individual text in an image, select the entering text icon. Select the required position in the image. Now enter your text. Confirm your entry by pressing the return or enter key as you can see your text entry is displayed in the image. Next draw a circle on your image by selecting the circle icon. Select the area of interest in the image and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to draw the circle. To change the size of the circle, click one of the four boxes on the circles border, hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to make the circle larger or smaller. To add a line or an arrow, select either the line or arrow icon. Select the starting point in your image and hold the left mouse button down. Drag align and release the mouse button. A Polygon is drawn in a similar way, select first the Polygon icon. In the image, select with one click your starting location for the Polygon. Draw the Polygon by clicking at every turn. To finish your Polygon, double click on the endpoint to change the size of the Polygon, select the Polygon line. Select one of the intersections or end points while holding down the left mouse button. Change the shape as required. If you want to hide all of your annotations an only view the image, select the hide annotations. An measurements icon now all added text and graphics are hidden. To make them visible again, just select the same icon again.

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