Artis Systems VD12: Image Review Touchscreen Control Video

This video explains how to review 2D images using the buttons on the touchscreen control (TSC) and the mouse joystick.

Welcome to the Artis 2D image review on the touch screen control cvideo. In this video you will learn how to review 2D images using the buttons on your touchscreen control and the mouse joystick. You find the buttons for 2D image review on the borders of the task card stack on the touch screen. Please note that the buttons available on the touch screen and their position depends on your system configuration. Press the button to open the image player. Press the plus or minus buttons to scroll through the scenes. If required, press the button to open the scene directory. Use the mouse joystick to navigate through the directory. Press on the left mouse button to select a scene for review. The scene or image displays in full screen. To set the review frame rate, deflect the mouse joystick. The more that the joystick is deflected, the faster the scene is played back. Release the mouse joystick when the desired speed is reached. To stop a loop from playing, deflect the mouse joystick briefly. Deflect the joystick to the left to scroll through the scene backward frame by frame. Deflect the joystick to the right to scroll through the scene forwards frame by frame. Alternatively, you can use the buttons in the image player to scroll through the scene frame by frame. If configured in the layout, press the loop through all scenes button on the touch screen to review one scene after the other. To review reference images, press the button to open the image player for reference images. You will find the buttons for post processing images in the image task card. The buttons are grouped by function. The functions available depend on your touchscreen configuration.

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