Artis Systems VD12: Measurements Control Room Video

This video explains how to calibrate images and measure distances and angles on the control room user interface.
  • 0:22 Calibrate Images
  • 2:51 Measurements

the Artis measurements in the control room video. In this video you will learn how to calibrate images and measure distances, an angles on the control room user interface. Before you can perform measurements, you must first calibrate the image to access the calibration tools, select the calibration sub task card. Depending on the examination to be performed, you can use different calibration methods. In the following you will be introduced to automatic isocenter calibration table object distance code calibration and manual distance calibration. Automatic isocenter calibration can be used when the organ to be examined was in the isocenter during acquisition. This calibration is automatically pre selected by the system for an image angle between 50 and 130 degrees. If no stand or angulation data are saved with the image, this function is disabled. You can also start the automatic isocenter calibration manually by selecting the automatic isocenter calibration icon. Then select OK. Now the automatic isocenter calibration is performed immediately and displayed. If the organ to be examined is at a defined distance from the tabletop, you can conduct the table object distance calibration or in short toed calibration. The teody calibration is automatically pre selected by the system for image angles between 0 and 50 or 130 and 180 degrees. You can also start the teody calibration manually by selecting the auto towed calibration icon. If the system angle is between 15 to 50 degrees or 130 to 165 degrees, you must click on the point in the image that you want to perform a measurement. Select the location in the image where you want to perform the measurement. Entered the table object distance teody in the Teody dialog. Then select OK. Manual distance calibration is based on the known distance between two points of an object placed in the beam path. The calibration object should be larger than the object to be measured and on the same plane to conduct the manual distance calibration, select the distance calibration icon in the post processing Task card. Now that your image is calibrated, you can measure distances and angles. The measurement functions are available when the image is loaded to full screen review. The scene is not looping and no qualitative analysis or calibration is active. The measurement functions are not available for certain image types. When reviewing the images such as Quant reports and AECOM reports. For further information, please review the operator manual. You can measure distances with straight and curved lines. The tools are available in the tools sub task card. First draw a straight line by selecting the distance icon. In the image, select with the left mouse button, the first point and hold down the mouse button to draw your line. At the end point, release the mouse button. Now check the distance. To draw a curved line you need to change the default setting first by right clicking in the image, select curved distance measurement. Now draw a curved distance line, select the starting point in the image with one click, drag the cursor, click it every curve with one click. Double click at the end to finish your drawing. If you want to change the position of the curved line itself, just click at the line and drag and drop it to the required position. You can change the position of any point of the curved line by drag and drop.

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