Artis Systems VD12: Onscreen menu Video

This video explains how to open the onscreen menu and how to select items in the menu.

Welcome to the Artis on screen menu introduction video. In this video you will learn how to open the on screen menu and how to select items. The On screen menu allows you to access functions of the four D viewer from the exam room. Some examples of the functions that you can access from the on screen menu include the 3D wizard, Vert and NPR operations, and selecting a single application software workflow. To open the onscreen menu, press on the key on the mouse joystick. The On screen menu opens on the 4D display on the exam room display. You can use the mouse joystick to scroll through the menu items on the on screen menu. You can check current allocation of the mouse joystick functions on the four DS screen on the exam room display. Deflect the mouse joystick side to side to scroll through. The menus. Deflect the mouse joystick up and down to scroll through menu items. You select a menu item by pressing the left button on the mouse joystick. The On screen menu will close automatically after a configured period of time. However, you can manually close the onscreen menu by pressing on the onscreen menu key on the mouse joystick. Alternatively, you can close the onscreen menu by pressing the right mouse button on the mouse joystick.

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