Artis Systems VD12: Overlay Reference Video

This video explains the workflow to overlay a reference image to the Live fluoroscopy image.

the Artis overlay reference video. In this video you will learn the workflow to overlay a reference image to the live fluoroscopy image. With overlay reference, also known as overlay ref, you can overlay a reference image inverted to the live image or the last image hold Lih. You can set the reference image portion to a value between 0% and 80%. The reference image is always inverted regardless of the set acquisition mode. For example. Also with CO2 scenes, overlay reference is an alternative to road map, with the advantage that motion artifacts do not interfere as much As for road map. Please note Overlay reference is automatically deactivated when you select road map. Before starting overlay reference, first ensure that you have the desired image stored as a reference image. If required, change the display mode to display the reference images on the TSC select ref. In this settings menu. Select an image for overlay reference in the reference menu. If required. Store a reference image by selecting store ref. The selected reference image must match the current fluoroscopy or Lih image. Both images must have been acquired with the same see arm position, the same zoom stage, as well as the same portrait or landscape position of the flat detector. If the reference image has been acquired with different conditions, overlay reference will not be performed, and a normal fluoroscopy image will be displayed. To start, overlay reference, press on the overlay reference button on that ESC. Alternatively, you can select the overlay reference icon in the examination Task card on the control Room user interface. The display mode is changed to overlay reference. That is, the overlay image is faded in the image in inverted display on the live screen. You can adjust the degree of overlay between 0% and 80%. The default setting is 30%. Use the mouse joystick to adjust the degree of overlay reference for the current and subsequent fluoroscopy runs. Deflect the mouse joystick up to increase the overlay image. Deflect the mouse joystick down to decrease the overlay image. The degree of overlay reference is shown in the lower right corner of the image. If required, you can store a single images from an overlay reference scene as a store monitor image. Press the store monitor button on the TSC. To exit overlay reference, press the overlay reference button on that ESC.

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