Artis Systems VD12: Patient Registration Video

This video explains how to register a patient by using the following features:
  • Taking over patient data from the RIS via the Scheduler: 0:28
  • Using the manual patient registration: 1:43
  • Registering an emergency patient: 2:50

Welcome to the artist patient registration video. In this video you will learn how to register a patient by using the following features. Taking over patient data from the risk via the scheduler. Using the manual patient registration. And registering an emergency patient. To take over patient data from the radiology information System risk, update the scheduler to do that, open the patient browser. Alternatively, you can open the patient browser via the keypad. Double click the icon for the scheduler. The scheduler updates. You can also select view update work list to update the scheduler. All patients who are pre registered for examination on your system are listed in the content area. Double click the patient that you would like to be examined. This will open the patient registration window. Check that all information is correct. Please note that bold text fields are mandatory. You cannot continue with the examination until these fields are filled out. Select the patient position. Finally, select exam. Check again if the patient position is correct and click confirm. Now the patient is registered. You can find the examination test card in the foreground and start the examination right away. Now register a patient manually. Go to patient, register in the main menu. The patient registration window opens. You can also open the patient registration by pressing the key on the keypad. Or you open the patient browser and click on the icon. Enter the data for all mandatory fields. The mandatory fields are highlighted in bold. You can only click on the exam button if all mandatory data has been entered. At this point you can also select the exam program from the study list. It is also possible to select this later. Ensure that the patient position is correct and select exam again. Confirm that the patient position is correct. Now the patient is registered. You can find the examination task card in the foreground and start the examination right away. In urgent cases you can register a patient as an emergency patient. Open the emergency registration by pressing the respective key on the keypad. Alternatively, go to patient emergency in the main menu or in the patient browser to open the emergency registration window. The system creates default entries for the mandatory fields. You can update any of the fields depending on the available information. Ensure that the correct patient position is selected from the list. Finally, select exam and confirm the patient's position. Now the patient is registered and you can start with the examination right away. Please note emergency patient images will not send automatically to the packs with the automatic transfer rule. You can update the patient information anytime during the examination by selecting the patient in the patient browser. You should update the patient information before exporting. The image is select correct in the menu of the patient browser. The correct window is displayed. Select the Patient subtests card, if necessary. Update the patient data as required and select OK to confirm the changes.

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