Artis Systems VD12: Post-processing Control Room Video

This video explains how to review and post-process images from the Postprocessing task card on the control room user interface. 
  • 0:28: Image Review
  • 2:42 Windowing
  • 4:00 Edge Enhancement
  • 4:38 Image Shutter

Artis 2D post processing video. In this video. you will learn how to review and post process images from the Post Processing Task card on the control Room user interface. In the Post Processing Task card you will find icons for image review at the top of the task card. You will find further icons for image review and post processing in the view image, and adjust subtests cards. You can also access functions from the view and image menus in the main menu. Additionally, you can find some functions in the context menu. You access the context menu by right clicking on the image. You can select the type of image for review, select the arrow to select an option from the dropdown list. Use the plus or minus buttons to scroll through scenes or images. Alternatively, you can press on the scene plus and scene minus keys on your keyboard. You can open the scene directory, click on the icon to open the directory. The system switches to 4 by 4 display mode. If more than 16 scenes or images are stored, use the scrollbar if required. For scene review, you can use the review control. The acquisition mode and the frame rate are displayed in the top left corner. You can review scenes at the same frame rate as they were acquired, or you can slow down or speed up the playback speed. Click and drag the slider to adjust the frame rate speed. To stop the loop playing, click the Stop preview button. Alternatively, you can stop the loop from playing by clicking in the image area with the left mouse button. If required, click on play to start the loop. To loop through all scenes, select the View Subtests card and select the loop all scenes icon. Alternatively, you can select view loop all scenes in the main menu. With windowing you can adapt the image to display the grayscale region of interest with optimal contrast and brightness conditions. There are several methods available for windowing images in the control room. To window the image using the mouse, press and hold the middle mouse button in the required image. To adjust the window center image brightness, move the mouse up and down. To adjust the window width image contrast, move the mouse left and right. You can also use your keyboard to adjust the window values. Alternatively, you can adjust the contrast and brightness in the adjust subtests card. Select the auto windowing function to ally optimized window values. You can enter the desired window in the field or use the up or down arrows to adjust the value. To reset the window values to the original values, select the home icon. In the adjust sub task card you can also adjust the edge enhancement. Adjust the value as required using the up and down buttons to reset the values to the original value. Select the home icon. In the view test card you will find the icons to change the display from full frame view to scene overview and the icons to shutter the image, invert the image, zoom by a factor of two and pan the image. Zoom to acquisition size and loop through all scenes. To shutter an image, select the shutter icon in the view sub task card. Alternatively, you can select view and shutter in the main menu or right click and select shutter in the context menu. After selection of shutter, the mouse cursor changes. Click and drag the mouse on the edge of the shutter to adjust the shutter edge. To pan the image within the shutter press and hold the shift key on the keyboard and click and drag the image.

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