Atellica® IM Analyzer Assay Principles Online Training

Atellica IM Analyzer Assay Principles inlcudes an overview of the advanced topic of assay technologies employed by the IM analyzer.

Welcome to the Atellica® IM Analyzer Assay Principles Online Training course. In this online training, we will look in depth at the assay technologies for the Immunoassay Analyzer on the Atellica Solution. Congratulations. You have completed the Atellica® IM Analyzer Assay Principles Online Training course. Listed below are the key points that have been presented. Take time to review the material before you proceed to the final quiz. Identify the assay principles and detection methods of the Atellica® Solution IM Analyzer Chemiluminescent Technology: Chemiluminescence = the chemical reaction that emits energy in the form of light which indicates amount of analyte in sample The Primary reagents in use contain two essential parts: Paramagnetic Particles (PMPs) Acridinium Ester (AE) Within the chemiluminescent technology found on the Atellica IM analyzer, there are three assay reaction formats: Sandwich Format - directly proportional Competitive Format - indirectly proportional Antibody-Capture Format - directly proportional Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively “Operator Manual”) issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the software and hardware available at the time of the training. The Operator's Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information like warnings and cautions. Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. Certain products, product related claims or functionalities (hereinafter collectively “Functionality”) may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and examples only. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. Atellica, and all associated marks are trademarks of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for availability. Copyright © Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2019 Please proceed to the Assessment. This section will review the core technology and assay reaction formats in use on the Atellica® Immunoassay (IM) Analyzer. Chemiluminescent Technology: Paramagnetic Particles (PMP) Acridinium Ester (AE) Assay Reaction Formats: Sandwich Competitive Antibody-Capture What is Chemiluminescense? Chemical reaction that emits energy in the form of light The light the reaction produces indicates the amount of analyte in a sample Primary reagent contains two essential parts: ​ Paramagnetic Particles - PMP's (NOTE: Latex Core Magnetic Particles are also used) Acridinium Ester - AE Acridinium Ester (AE) Learn more about Acridinium Ester. ​ ​ Siemens Healthineers Acridinium Ester (AE) is an evolving chemiluminescent technology, using customized and patented molecules for advanced assay design   Chemiluminescent Technology Learn more about Chemiluminescent Technology. Tab TitleTextPrimary Reagent  The primary reagents in use contain 2 essential parts: 1. Paramagnetic Particles (PMP) - iron oxide crystals Solid Phase of Primary Reagent Coated with antibody or antigen ​NOTE: Latex Core Magnetic Particles are also used 2. Acridinium Ester (AE) - produces light Light reagent of primary reagent Bound to antibody or antigen ProcessThe assays on the Atellica® Immunoassay analyzer are based on the formation of an immune complex.  To measure the target analyte in the sample, specifically formulated reagents are added in predetermined steps of a test sequence: During incubation, coated PMPs , AE, and the target antigen or antibody bind together During washing, the cuvette is exposed to a magnetic field and the PMPs  are drawn towards the magnets,  while the unbound sample and reagent are washed away Acid containing hydrogen peroxide is added to the cuvette, followed by base reagent (to create the basic environment necessary for the chemiluminescent reaction to occur) The sudden change of environment allows the hydrogen peroxide to rapidly oxidize the AE and produce a flash of light 3 Assay Reaction Formats take advantage of the selective biochemical characteristics of antibodies binding to their specific corresponding antigens (light emitted during assay reaction is proportional, directly or indirectly, to concentration of target in the sample): Directly proportional assays -  the concentration of an analyte increases as RLU’s increase Indirectly proportional assays - the concentration of analyte decreases as RLU’s increase Sandwich (Direct) Competitive (Indirect) Antibody-Capture (Direct) The following slides contain more in depth information on the 3 assay formats.       Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify the assay principles and detection methods of the Atellica® IM Analyzer