Atellica® Solution How to Troubleshoot Errors Using the Operator Event Log Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video will explain the advanced topic of troubleshooting, using the Operator Event Log on the Atellica® Solution, by walking through an example that uses the Event Log to troubleshoot a reagent issue for a sample.

Welcome to the Atellica solution, how to troubleshoot errors using the operator event log video. This video will explain the details of the operator event log on the Atellica solution by walking through an example that uses the event log to troubleshoot a reagent issue for a sample. In this example, the operator was checking their samples on the sample handler screen and found that there was a sample with a yellow alert intervention needed in order to view more information on this error. The operator selected the sample with the error and then the sample details tab on the right side of the screen to view the error list. The error list showed that one or more tests failed to process and reagent is required in order to find out more specific details on this sample. The operator selected the details button under the sample details tab. The error message is on the patient sample details screen indicate that the primary reagent is missing. For this test. The operator also noticed a red alert on the system icon at the top of the screen. The next step in troubleshooting would be to navigate to the operator event log by selecting the system icon. Next, select the logs tab, then operator event log. When you open the operator event log, all of the system events will be displayed. In order to narrow the list events on the screen, use the filtering window on the left. You can filter the event log based on time in order to narrow down the time frame to when the error curd. If known module, you can select the module you want to troubleshoot. You can also filter by errors and warnings. Errors require immediate attention. Warnings do not require immediate attention. They can be addressed when it is convenient for the operator. Under each of these options, there are further selections available unacknowledged or corrective action, and the final filter option is information. These events do not require action. The system saves information events for a history of the system activity after the appropriate filter options are selected, click display events. In this example, the operator filtered time by one hour. Since the error, just a Kurd. The module filter was set to. I am and all error and warning boxes were selected. Once you filter the log by specifications unique to your situation, you will want to select the earliest event warning or error displayed that is related to the air that you experienced. Then you will be able to select event help to review the event and possible corrective actions. Once event help is selected, it will bring you directly to the event description. Pop up the event code, or the number that the event is classified by will show at the top of the box. The event description is comprised of possible causes, which lists the possible reasons for the event and corrective actions which lists the options for the operator to correct the event for each possible cause. The corrective actions may include a blue hyperlink that will take you to the step by step directions on how to perform that action. There may be multiple possible causes for the selected event with multiple corrective actions. In this case, the first possible cause is not the issue since the reagent pack or lot is enabled, the operator ruled out this cause. They then explored the second possible cause. The reagent pack is empty, expired, contaminated, or has other issues. The first step in the corrective action is to unload the specified reagent pack. The operator selected the blue hyperlink for this task and was able to read through the procedure and perform the action by unloading the pack with the error and loading a new pack, the operator was able to resolve the error.

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