Atellica® Solution Navigating the Maintenance Schedule Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to navigate the Maintenance Schedule screen on the Atellica® Solution.

This video will show you how to navigate the atellica solution maintenance schedule screen and perform tasks, including documenting the performance of maintenance and creating new maintenance activities. If a maintenance activity is overdue or has failed, there will be an indication in the maintenance tab in the command bar. Select maintenance to view the maintenance activities. The first maintenance tab is schedule the maintenance schedule screen displays the maintenance activities and their status. The current day is highlighted with three days before an three days after that date. The activities displayed can be filtered by module frequency, time and by who the activity is performed by. Also in the search textfield, an activity can be found by entering any part of the maintenance activity title. At the bottom of the filters area options are available to filter by who performs the activity and the status of the activity. If any of these options are selected, select the view activities button to filter the activities list. The filters area can be hidden by selecting the arrow at the top of the screen. If the filter area is hidden, the view will include an additional column displaying the frequency of the activity. The list can be sorted by module or scheduled date by selecting the appropriate column heading to view the meetings of the glyphs, select any of the glyphs. The activity column indicates how the maintenance activity is performed and automated activity is an activity performed by the system. A manual maintenance is any activity that requires the operator to perform or complete the activity. The service glyph indicates an activity performed by the Customer Service engineer. The calendar view glyphs provide additional information on whether the activity is scheduled to run automatically. If an automated activity is scheduled to automatically run at a set day and time, there will be a dot glyph, while if the activity is not scheduled to automatically run and must be manually initiated by the operator, there will be an operator glyph. There are buttons on the right side of the screen for several tasks that can be performed on selected maintenance activities. The perform button is used to manually start an automated maintenance activity. The mark is completed. Button is used to document the completion of a manual maintenance activity. The not performed button is used to document that a manual maintenance activity was not performed when this button is selected, the software will prompt you to enter a comment to explain why the activity was not performed. These three tasks can also be performed by left clicking on a status glyph for maintenance activity. Select the appropriate action, enter any comments, and then select OK. There are a few more functions that can be performed on selected activities to access online help for selected maintenance activity, select the procedure details button. Online help provides step by step instructions on how to perform the maintenance activity. To modify selected maintenance activity, select the Edit view button. The frequency of system defined maintenance activities can be increased but cannot be decreased. For example, a system defined monthly maintenance activity can be edited to change the frequency to every week, but cannot be changed to be done every other month. To change the days of the week in time when an activity is scheduled, select the double arrows. If the activity is an automated maintenance activity, there is an option to start the activity automatically and another option to postpone the next occurrence by a set amount of time to save the changes. Select the save button. To delete an operator, defined selected maintenance activity, select the delete button. Only maintenance activities that have been defined by the operator can be deleted. There are two additional options at the bottom of the screen. Select add activity to define a new maintenance activity. The required fields for adding a new activity are name, description, an frequency. Select the double arrows to enter the time and days of the week for daily activities. After entering the Information, select save. To set a warning to be posted prior to the start time for maintenance activity, select the set warning button. Enter when the warning should be posted, as the number of minutes prior to the start time of the maintenance activity, and then select the save button. This completes the overview of managing maintenance activities using the maintenance schedule screen.

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