Auto Coil Select (XA30)

This video will go over the auto coil select feature.

The selection of coils and coil elements is an essential step during the setup of every MRI protocol. It ensures that all regions within the field of view are scanned with high signal, whereas regions outside the field of view do not disturb the image. For example by infoldings artifacts. The auto coil select or ACS function enables you to use the desired plugged in coil without further efforts as it will be selected automatically. It is used in every protocol by default. After selecting the pending protocol, you need to click on the system miscellaneous parameter card. In the dropdown menu coil selection you can select one of the following coil selection modes. Auto coil select ACS all but spine ACS restricted manual. If ACS mode is selected, the coil elements which overlap with the position of the field of view are activated. If you want to change the automatic selection, you can manually select a different coil in the graphical slice positioning window or GSP. Please be aware that the maximum number of simultaneously used coil elements is limited by the number of received channels of your system. If you move the field of view to a new position, the auto coil select mode automatically selects the best set of coil elements from any plug coil. If you want to exclude the spine coil from the automatic coil selection, you can select ACS Albot spine. This can be helpful if you want to examine for example, hand, wrists, knee, shoulders, breast, the ACS all but Spine mode works similar to the auto coil select mode. This means you can also adjust the field of view and the respective coil and coil elements will be automatically selected except for elements from the spine coil. By selecting ACS restricted you can restrict the coils which are recognized by the auto coil select mechanism. For this you need to click on the dots to open the coil selection dialog box. Select the desired coil from the available coils list which should be included in the protocol. Click on the left pointing arrow button. The selected coil is then inserted into the selected coils area. Click close to save the selection. After your selection you can use the ACS restricted mode like the auto Coil Select mode. This mode can be helpful if you want to examine the C spine and to avoid swallow artifacts that can be caused by unnecessary activated coils. You can also set the different levels of selection sensitivity for each ACS mode. For this you need to open the coil selection dialog box again. Then you can define how to deal with coil elements at the edge of the field of view. You have the following options minimize, standard and generous depending on your choice. The field of view must be covered by at least five percent, 15% or 30% by the coil element in order to be activated. Click close to save the selection. If you want to manually select the coils, you can select the manual mode. In the dot cockpit configuration you can store the protocols with a specific coil selection, either by using the virtual coils dialog or by dragging a scanned protocol with the manual mode and a specific coil selection from the queue to the cockpit. In the manual mode you can manually change the coil selection in the GSP or on the system coil parameter card. If in the manual mode a specific coil is plugged in but a different coil is saved within the protocol, you get a coil change notification when the protocol is opened in the queue. If you want to save a current protocol with a specific ACS mode, click on the desired exam step in the exam queue. Select save as. And enter a new program name. Select save to save the protocol with the specific ACS mode. You can also change the ACS mode that has been assigned to specific protocols. Go to the cockpit. And right click on a program that you want to change, select find. The find and set parameters dialog opens in the name field. You can search for the required region or program. Then you can select the protocols that you want to change. In order to edit the selected protocols, click on edit selected. Alternatively, you can also change simultaneously the mode for all protocols in the program by selecting select all. In the protocol parameters tab you can select in the coil Select mode dropdown menu the desired ACS mode that you want to assign to the protocols. Select accept changes to confirm your selection and change the coil selection settings. Please be aware that all protocol conversions change. Protocols which are stored in manual mode to ACS all but spine. The stored coil information is removed.

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