Automatic QC Scheduling on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to configure automatic QC scheduling on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

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SIEMENS . AtellicaTM Solution Version I. AtellicaTM Solution Version I. version 1.11.027 11.027 sp00107 Healthineers OC Scheduler * QC Stat stics QC Scheduler Create QC Orders Control Bracketing Control Material QC Statistics OC Statistics QC Stat sties Patient ac Flagging Patient QC Flagging QC OC Definitions & QC Definitions ac ac Panels Panels panels Add Schedule Add Schedules Add Schedule _ OC Scheduler * text Scred1_Aed Quality Control: Scred1_Aed Quality Control: Monday 4:00 An Monday 4:00An By Day and Time By Day and Time •k Sest Test Last Lot Exp Co Exp panels Panels ac Panels Operator Re panels Panels Panes Last Test Bay and Time By and Time By and Time •k ay and Time Day and Time and Time + Contrd Name Add Schedules Add Schedules_ Contre Name Level Control 10 Control Tuesday Fridary Friday Tæsday C] Friday Faturday Saturday Fhturiday 45701 08.2018 11:59 priory primary SurÉay Module Type Type By Test Count * By count Test Count By Count By 45702 AM Type CH Module Type Defindicos & Panels Definitions Panels Defindicns & Panels Definams & Panels Copy Copy , copy Day Add Schedules QC Scheduler * OC Scheduler * 45702 45701 By C By 45701 45702 eioRad 45703 BioRad LAM2 45703 BioRad LAM3 45703 45703 45701 45702 Type Module Type Type All Days Definitions & DefiniticnS & Definitions & Panels Definitions & Par*IS Definitions LAW 45702 For Sample Handler configurations only: The Set Warning button can be used to activate a warning Level Test Nune Lot Replicates Control Bracketing Control Material Set Sest For Sample Handler configurations only: The Set Warning button can be used to activate a waming BioRad 45701 BioRad LAM3 45703 LAM 1 45701 LAM3 45703 45701 Set Select 3/8'2018 Cl CI Cmtrol Nan e Cmtrd Lot Exp Definitions Definiticos & Definiticos & Panels Definitms & Definiticns & Panels Definitmons & BioRad LAMI 45701 BioRad LAM3 45703 LAM2 45702 45702 QC OC Contra Name Level _Tn1_uL_ _TBi1_2L_ _Tni1_uL_ Test Name Lot Replicates Chd_2 In the case ot an Atellica• Solution witn multiple Chemistry or Immunoassay 45701 382018 11:59 3182018 11:59 . 3812018 11:59 Friday Fridary BioRad LAM 1 45701 Thuesday BioRad LAMI 45701 BioRad LAM3 45703 45701 45701 382018 X Test Name Cmtrol Lot Cmtrol Nan e Lot Expiration Prima r y Fridary Fhuriday Cæa_2 C] Friday Friday Primary D_HDL 0Bi1_2 Amp' K Amp 1K Amp300 Amp' K Amp 1K 'i Al APO Al In the case ot an Atellica• Solution with multiple Chemistry or Immunoassay analyzers, if the Test Count Current Count O By Test Count * By Count Count set SO Set By count Test Count Current Count O Add S cheluk QC Scheduler Schedule _ Monday, 09, 2017 LabManager Monday, October 09, 2:56 Pu Monday, 2:56Pu Monday, 09, 2017 2:56 PM Monday, 2:56 PM Monday, 09, 2:56 PM Monday, October 09, 2:56 PM Monday 4:00 An