Basic 3D InSpace Workflow

Basic InSpace Workflow 1. Select and acquire 3D data using 5sDSA. Apply Modality preset if desired. Serings Exam Physio ? Exam Set SM Fluoro Prog. Acq. Prog. 16 pis 3 f/s RE HOMP 2. InSpace to Table Tab – adjust histogram (adjust window levels). Or use middle mouse up/down. Window centerl Brightness + Window width Window width/ Contrast - Contrast + Window center! Brightness - 3. InSpace to Tools Tab – Using VOI punching cut away unwanted info. SIEMENS 690 Effective date 9/8/2016 Page 1 of 2 4. Save images to Save AS or Make Radial Ranges. or 5. Return to " Patient Browser", Refresh, Select images, and send from Local Database to PACS. 1 SIEMENS Page 2 of 2

  • Angiography/Interventional Radiography