BioMatrix Head/Neck 20 (Numaris X)

This video explains the handling and features of the BioMatrix Head and Neck 20 coil neck for examinations of the head, neck and blood vessels

The Biomatrix head Neck 20 is used for examinations of the head and neck, such as the nape and blood vessels. An combined measurements with other coils. The coil contains the tilting mechanism to provide greater patient comfort, especially for examining patients suffering from special deformities. For example, Bekhterev's disease, a new feature of the coil is the integrated local B0 schimming, which helps to achieve higher image quality for specific parts of the anatomy. For neck region examinations or for cervical spine examination, the upper part of the coil can be omitted for slender patients. To use the coil, slide the Biomatrix head neck 20 into the lateral recesses at the head end of the patient table so that it locks into coil sockets five and six. You will see that the two parts of the coil are correctly plugged in on the PD. Move the lever to release the upper part of the coil and lift it up and off. Place the pad in the lower part of the coil. Position the head of the patient in the lower part of the coil. Ensure that the shoulders touched the lower part of the coil. Tilt the coil into the required position where necessary. For tilting and tilting back again, release the lever on the left or right side of the coil and at the same time lift the coil into the tilt position. If you can only lift the coil with one hand, grip the lateral recess. Pull the lever with your thumb and tilt the coil. Alternatively, tilt the coil with both hands using one hand to release the lever and using the other hand to grip the recess on the back of the coil to tilt it. If the coil is already in a tilted position, make sure that you do not accidentally release the lever. Always hold the coil before you release the lever to prevent it falling back into the O position. Use suitable positioning aids to improve patient comfort. Secure the patient's head using the corresponding cushions. Place the upper part of the lower part and slide it forward until it locks into place. You will see that the two parts of the coils are now correctly plugged in and registered on the PD. A mirror can be attached to the upper part of the coil to improve patient comfort during

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