ACUSON Sequoia™ Ultrasound System Contrast-enhanced ultrasound-General Imaging | VA25 Software Release

This quick reference guide helps you understand contrast function on the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system with the VA25 software.

ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system VA25 SW release Contrast-enhanced ultrasound – General Imaging Quick Reference Card SIEMENS Healthineers Step 1 • Select an appropriate contrast compatible transducer and exam1 (Contrat • Press the Contrast key on the control panel • Select the desired image layout (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) Fig. 1: Live Dual display format Fig. 2: Full screen display format with the contrast image on the left and the B-mode image on the right Step 2 Low M Mid M 2D + D Only Contrast • Select Agent Type on touch screen (Fig. 3) Agent Type Fig. 4: Contrast display mode Tip: Low MI contrast agents include Lumason™/ Sonovue™, Low MI options Definity™ and Optison®. Sonazoid™ is considered a Mid MI contrast agent Fig. 3: Agent Type selection options • Select the contrast display mode (Fig. 4) Contrast Only - 15 sec 30 sec 45 sec 50 sec 90 sec 2D Only - 2D + Contrast Clip Length - Timer Live Dua Burst 30 sec • Ensure the desired clip capture length is selected or select an alternate length from the available options Fig. 5: Clip capture length options (Fig. 5) Tip: Prior to saving any contrast clips and/or altering the clip length setting, ensure that the PACS server can accommodate the selected clip size Step 3 Exit • If required, configure the steps for Configure Flash Flash Sequence (bubble destruction) STEP 1 Step 2 Sequence Burst Contrast Imaging End of Sequence Burst Time Choose options for (Fig. 6) 3 sec eak Hold Live Imaging tay Live Auto Freeze • Step 1 – Burst Time Imaging Duration - Step 2 – Contrast Imaging state and duration 10 sec = - Step 3 – End of Sequence state - Flash Sequence Clip Capture Fig. 6: Configure Flash Sequence Steps 1–3 1 Contrast imaging is compatible with all transducers and all exams except OB, Fetal Echo, and Early OB. 2 Step 4 Measurements • Prepare the patient for the contrast agent injection Shadow (e.g. consent, I.V. insertion, practice breathing, etc.) Duplicates and displays a measurement on the adjacent image for a comparison of lesion size and / or location • Position patient comfortably and ensure that the area of interest is as close to the transducer face as possible • On a live or frozen image, to minimize depth press Caliper (Fig. 10a) x . . . x Caliper • Optimize the contrast image (depth, gain, etc.) • Select Shadow (Fig. 10b) Fig. 10a • Prepare the contrast agent as per product guidelines • Measure the right or left image Shadow • Select Shadow to exit measurement if shadow Fig. 10b measurements are not desired Note: Shadow measurements are available on live, frozen, or reviewed images. Step 5 Tips and Techniques • Start the Timer at the conclusion • Practice quiet breathing with patient before the of the contrast agent injection Timer contrast run – sometimes a breath hold is necessary (Fig. 7) Fig. 7 • Small lesions are best visualized in long axis versus • Start the Clip capture at the a transverse plane appearance of the first bubble Clip • on the imaging screen (Fig. 8) Optimize your image before injection – changes in Fig. 8 depth, gain, etc., during the contrast run can have an • Continue pressing the Clip Capture adverse effect on calculation / quantification software key at the termination of each clip • (if necessary) for the duration of Patient history is very important. Cardiac issues may the contrast run delay contrast arrival in region of interest just as a mechanical heart valve can destroy bubbles as they pass through them • If no contrast is seen in the field of view, check the I.V. site to ensure the contrast has not gone interstitial (use a linear transducer to scan the injection site if necessary) Step 6 (optional controls) Burst • Engage a bubble destruction option if necessary during the Flash Sequence exam (Fig. 9a) • Engage the Peak Hold persistence Fig. 9a: Bubble destruction options option if necessary during the Burst and / or Flash exam (Fig. 9b) Sequence Tip: A Peak Hold persistence is an excellent tool for use in cases of Peak Hold low contrast agent concentration in the ROI Fig. 9b: Peak Hold persistence option 3 For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use At Siemens Healthineers, our purpose is to enable healthcare the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey “Operator Manual”) issued by Siemens Healthineers. 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