Changing the Atellica® CH Analyzer Pretreatment Pack with Direct Load Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of changing the pretreatment pack on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with the Direct Load.

The Atellica Chemistry Analyzer houses a pretreatment pack that needs to be changed on an as needed basis. In order to change the pretreatment pack, first navigate to the status screen by selecting system on the command bar. Then select status. And then select the Ch icon. Select the stop button. Then select the button in the software to unlock the front cover. Open the front cover and locate the pretreatment pack. The pretreatment pack is located behind the IMT Multisensor. Grasp the pretreatment pack and pull up and out. Discard according to laboratory protocol. On the Command bar, select inventory. Then select supplies overview. And select replace pretreatment and then OK. Using the handheld scanner scan the new pretreatment pack. Ensure that the correct lot and lot expiration display insert the new pack into the analyzer. Remove the cap and discard. Once the new pack is loaded, select OK in the software. Close the front cover. To complete the procedure, start the Ch analyzer by selecting the resume icon on the Ch status screen.

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