Changing the Atellica® CH Analyzer Pretreatment Pack with Sample Handler Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of changing the pretreatment pack on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Sample Handler.

The Atellica Chemistry Analyzer houses a pretreatment pack that needs to be changed on an as needed basis in order to change the pretreatment pack. First access the module display and select module state. Next, select the pause button. Then select the button in the software to unlock the front cover. Once the system is paused, open the front cover and locate the pretreatment pack. The pretreatment pack is located behind the eye. Empty multisensor grasp the pretreatment pack and pull up and out. Discard according to laboratory protocol. On the module display, select supplies. The pretreatment screen will display, if needed. Select instructions for scanning. For guidance on how to hold the pretreatment pack while scanning. Using the module display scan the new pretreatment pack. Ensure the module displays the correct lot and lot expiration. Insert the new pack into the analyzer, remove the cap and discard. Select OK. Close the front cover and then lock the cover by selecting the button to lock the front cover on the module state screen. On the module display. To complete the procedure, start the Ch analyzer by selecting the resume icon on the module state screen on the module display.

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SIEMENS Module State CI-CH Supplies Standby LabManager i Pretreatment Scanned Off Pretreatment CI-CH Siemens Healthineers presents Pretreatment Lot 1222222222 Expiration 2/2512017 AM Expiration 2/25/2017 AM Front Cover Back Cover SIEMENS Changing the [email protected] Lot Unlock Cover Lot Expiration CH Analyzer Pretreatment Pack Healthineers Module State System Fluids Supplies OBS Chemistry Instructions for with Sample Handler wUith Sample Handler scanning Status Place Pretreatment in the holder, close the front cover, and start the analyzer. SIEMENS Connected to PCC OK Cancel Status Reagent Loader