Checking Reagent Status on the Atellica® IM Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of checking reagent status on the Atellica® IM Analyzer.

The reagent overview screen provides information about the status of the onboard reagent packs to review the reagent overview screen. First select inventory on the command bar. Then select reagent overview. If there are multiple analyzers connected, you can select to view only the immuno Assay Analyzer reagents by selecting the IEM icon located on the right hand side of the screen. The reagents can be sorted by any of the headings by selecting the heading. The information is listed for each reagent pack that is on board the system, including the onboard inventory, the on board stability, the calibration interval and the lot number. The calibration type in use column indicates whether the current calibration is a lot or pack calibration. The calibration eligibility column indicates what type of calibration can currently be performed on that reagent pack. The calibration status and QC status columns will display colored icons to indicate the current status of the calibration and QC for that pack. To view details for a reagent pack, select the reagent. The reagent details will display on the right side of the screen. In addition to viewing details about the reagent pack, the reagent details area of the screen could also be used to order a calibration on the pack. In order to enable or disable a reagent Lauder pack, select the reagent and then select the Disable Reagent pack or disable reagent lot button at the bottom of the screen. To request that a system transfer a reagent pack from the reagent compartment to the reagent drawer for removal, select the pack and then select the unload or unload immediately button. This completes our overview of the checking. I am reagent status on the reagent overview screen.

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SIEMENS . SIEMENS Atellicae Solution Version Healthineers Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Loader Reagent Overview Reagent Needs Reagent Overdiesw R Loader Reagent Leads Reagent Details Reagent Neede R Needs Reagent Leadsr Reagent Needs cal-QC Needs Reagent Overview Reagent Pack Reagent Loader Reagent Loeder S Overview Supplies Overview Reagent Lot Comparison Cal-QC Storage Inventory C Storage cal-QC Needs Reagent Pack Needs Reagent Needs Reagent Details Reagent Overview Reagent Needis Reagent Neede Reagent Detaies Reagent Overdisw Reagent Overvies Reagent Needes Details Onboard unloard Onboard Calibration Calibration Cal Type In cal Type In Cal Type QC QC Analyzer Reagents Reagents Inventory Invent«ry Inventory Sequence Sequence cal Eligibility Stability Stability Status Status Interval Interval In use Name ThCG Ct.00110 CM.00110 RgtBA Alc_3 160160 000165 00144 / 00144 / 00102 Od0h Id10h 991 Pack Location 1M reagent compartment CM.00113 016060 10030 / 10036 10042 10038 S4d21h 27d22h 56d23h 54d21h 16d22h 14dOh Lot Pack Position 61 1188 0014050 001051 000165 0014051 0002 / 0002 16 d 22n 14dO21h 14dO2h 373121 Lot Pack OBS 6/25/2018 AM 6/25/2018 O7d02h O24d021h 86d22h 160160 10042 10038 373121 Lot and Pack Lot Pack Calibration Expiration PM Pack Status 216d23h 014061 014060 00833 / 01395 216d23h S4d21h 86 d 22 h 26d23h 0140160 034283 014060 0014050 0014051 014061 00571 00571 / 005791 g6d22h 216d22h S4d21h 20d21h 26d23h Lot Pack Lot and Pack Reagent Pack and Pack Calibrate Pack Calibration Expiration Calibration Status: Tnl_UL Tnl_uL TnL_UuL 23 h 004282 034282 034283 IdlOh Pack Lot Pack Pack TnL_UuL 9dZ2h 034282 034283 014063 00075 / 00057 IdlOh Id10h Id Oh Tnl_uL TnL_UuL TnLUuL TnL_UL S4d21h 54d21h 034282 034283 034286 00075 / 000571 10030 / 10036 00079 / 000571 Od0h 120d21h Pack Status CM.00113 29 d 22 h 000229 0010929 0010229 0014060 00090 / 001099 004090 00090 001050 16 d22h 160160 unload: Allows inprocess tests associated witn the selected reagent packs to complete before removal Unload: Allows Inprocess tests associated witn the selected reagent packs to complete before removal aHAVMA 30d 14 h 11 d2h 0014060 001099 0014050 0001651 0010929 001050 00144 / 00102 00102 00102 00102 / 0002 / 0002 00102 / 00102 O6dC23h Unload Immediately: Stops processing and cancels tests associated with the selected reagent packs Unload Immediately. Stops processing and cancels tests associated with the selected reagent packs 10 13 Cd Oh IdlOh Id Oh 12d72h '60161 0140161 160160 0140160 160162 0160160 Group by reagent Reagent Pack Disable Reagent Lot Unload Immediately Monday, June 04, 2018 Monday, June04, 201810441 PM Monday, 04, 2018 Monday, June 04, 201810:39 PM June 04, 201810:39 PM June 2018