Checking Supply and Waste Status on the Atellica® IM Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of checking supply and waste status on the Atellica® IM Analyzer.

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SIEMENS . AtellicaTM Solution Version I. 11 Healthineers Work I i st Reagent Overview Reagent Neede Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Needs Reagent Neede Reagent Loader Reagent Needs Cal-QC Needs R Needs S Overview Supplies Reagent Lot Comparison Cal-QC Storage Inventory Cal-QC Needs System Fluids Lot Expiration Sequence Number 1M Acid 22 doh 2/82018 Cleaner 1M Acid 1M Base 22 d Oh CH Conditioner 1M Base 1M Wash 1M Cleaner Cleaner Id22h 1 d 22 h 10/23/2017 0019 Washe waste Wash Waster Waste 1M Cleaner Cleaner 22dOh 22 doh 22 d Oh 20/83/2018 10/23/2017 20/63/2018 10/232017 1M Wash 1M Base CH 1M Wash 10/232017 10/23/2017 Replace System F I uids Replace Systetm F I uids Replace Systetm FlI uids Replace Systetm Fluids Tips Supplies Washe Waster waste IMTStdB+SaltBndge IMTStdB+SaltBridge Cuvettes 2 Storage Locations Available TIPS Tips Cuvette and Tip Waste and Tip Waste Greater than 90 percent full 7 Tip Trays In Storage IMT standardA Water Cuvettes Tip Tray Waste p Tray Waste Tray Waste TO Tray Waste Drawer TO Tray Drawer Tray Drawer Tray Waste Tray waste Water Liquid Waste urid Waste u id Waste IMT Sensor Cuvette and Tip Waste Tray Waste urid Waste Tray Drawer TO Tray Drawer Wednesday, 2017