Checking Supply Status on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of checking supply status on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

SIEMENS . AtellicaTM Solution Version I. 11 Healthineers Work I i st Work list Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Overview Reagent Needs Reagent Loeder Reagent Needs cal-ac Needs Reagent Loader S Overview Reagent Lot Comparison Cal-QC Storage Inventory cal-ac Needs CMOOIIO System Fluids Lot Expiration Sequence p 1-06 Replace System Fluids CH Cleaner 1M Acid CH Conditioner CH Cmnditioner 17 do h 17 d Oh CH Conditioner 1M Base 1M Wash 1M Base CH Wash 1M Wash 23d2h 21 doh 29dOh wash Wash 1M Wash CHWash CH Cleaner 1M Cleaner CH H Diluent CH CH Wash Replac e Pretreatment pretreatment e Pretreatment Ed 23 h 10112 Tips + salt Bridge Cuvettes IMT Lot Expiration Sequence Replace IMT IMT standardA IMT standard A Water IMT standard A IMT Standard A MT Standard A Standard A standard A 46% 0K 23 d 22 h 502173/2018 210/27/2018 51/217/2018 510/27/2018 101/27/2018 201/27/2018 50172/2018 501/27/2018 IMT Sensor Cuvette and Waste Diluent 96% 27dOh 23d2h 00147 Tray Waste 'MT Sensor 3477 Expires Soon 4/02018 4+02018 Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Wednesday, October 2017 LabManager