Cleaning the Atellica® CH Analyzer Reagent Barcode Reader Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of cleaning the barcode reader on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

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SIEMENS SIEMENS Build 1.6.0 p. 1-05 11 System Cahltxatjon Calltxatjon C ahtxatjon C ahltxatjon Pmient Orders M aiMerwre Inventory oc Workhist Work list M aimenarx:e M aimenarz:e M aimenare:e Status O perator Diagnostics O Diagnostics About System VMM -05 C-P1-02 p' -15 pi -15 pl-15 Stopped Standby Standby Stopped OCH Alerts Cleaning the Reagent C ahltxatjon Confirmation. Confirmation Capabilities Category Time Reagent 1 : 11.8 12.0 •C Reagent Cornpartrnent2 : 11.8112.0 •C Reagent Co-npartrrent 1 Reagent Cornpartffvent 1 Reagent Loader Reagent Compartment 1 . Reagent Cornpartrnent 2 Reagent Cornpartrnent21 : 11.8112.0 •C •c Barcode Reader on the Reagent Cornpartrnent2 : 11.8112.0 •C Reagent Cornpartrnent2 : 11.81120 •C Reagent 2 : 11.8112 Reagent Cornpartrnent 2 Reagent Cornpartrnent 2 : 11.8112.0 •C Reagent 2 11.81120 •C To stop the analyzer, select Yes, To contnue operation, select No. [email protected] CH Analyzer Connected to PCC Cuvette Ring Thermal : 34B •C Yes No Module Stopped Module (b 11 Reagent Loader System Fluids System Flu'Ss Patient Sample Processing Patent Sample Processtng Patient Sample Processtng •V Patient Sample Processtng @Patient Sample Processtng @Patient Sample Processing I MT Consumabks IMT Consumabks Front Cover Back Back Cover Lock Back Cover 11 PEP Monday, May 08, 2017 1:00 PM Monday, May 08, 2017 PM LabManaøer LabManager LabMa.naøer LabM