Cleaning the Sample Tip Drip Tray on the Atellica® IM Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video describes how to perform the weekly maintenance task of inspecting clean the sample tip drip tray on the Atellica® IM Analyzer.

The sample tip drip tray on the atellica I am analyzer must be inspected weekly and cleaned as needed to prevent dry serum buildup and possible improper rejection of sample tips. This video will show the procedure that can be used to inspect and clean the sample tip drip tray on the atellica. I am analyzer first but the I am analyzer into the stopped state by selecting the system button on the command bar. Next select status. Then select the atellica. I am analyzer icon. If the analyzer is not already stopped, select the pause button to allow the system to complete any testing. Currently in process, the system will pause and then go to stop state. Then unlock the. I am back cover. And open the I am back cover. You must open the cover within 30 seconds of unlocking, otherwise the cover will relock while performing this procedure, ensure that loose debris does not fall into the incubation ring. There is an opening to the incubation ring near the sample tip drip tray. Remove the two thumb screws securing the drip tray and set aside. Remove the sample tip drip tray lifting up and to the left. Remove and discard any loose debris to clean the sample tip drip tray. First soak it in 10% bleach solution for five minutes. Then remove any remaining debris with a damp sponge or paper towel. Ensure there is no residue inside the drip tray and then rinse the tray with tap water. Complete the cleaning of the drip tray by drying the tray using a lint free tissue. After cleaning, install the sample tip drip tray. Ensure the tray is seated properly. Tighten the two thumb screws to secure the drip tray. Close the IM back cover. Enter I am diagnostic state my selecting system in the command bar. Then select operator diagnostics. Select the IM analyzer. And select enter diagnostic state. Then, under subsystems, select incubation ring. Select empty and fill ring. Select perform and then yes. When the procedure completes, select exit diagnostic state to complete this procedure, resume the IM analyzer by selecting the resume button on the IM System status screen to bring the analyzer back to the ready state. This completes the procedure to clean the sample tip drip tray on the atellica. I am analyzer.

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