Clearing Carrier Jams on the Atellica Magline® Transport Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video will explain how to clear carrier jams on the Atellica Magline® Transport.

This procedure can be used to clear jams on the atellica magline transport. 1st put the Atellica magline transport into stop mode by selecting the system button on the command bar and then selecting the Status tab and then the Atellica Magline Transport Module icon on the Atellica Magline Transport Status screen. Select the stop icon. Visually inspect the atellica magline transport to locate any debris causing the carrier jam. Remove one or more atellica magline transport covers to access the carrier jam by first locating the screws under the atellica magline cover. Then loosen the two atellica magline transport cover screws enough to allow you to slide the cover off. You do not need to completely remove the screws. Pull the atellica magline transport cover away from the Atellica magline transport and set aside. Remove any debris if necessary. Clean the area if appropriate by first wiping the area with lint, free tissues or gauze saturated with a 10% bleach solution, then wiping with lint free tissues or gauze saturated with special reagent water and finally drying the area thoroughly with clean lint, free tissues or gauze. Slide the carrier's apart manually on the Atellica magline transport to clear the jam condition. Do not remove the carrier's from the Atellica magline transport. The Atellica magline transport carriers contains strong magnets and should only be removed by authorized service personnel. Ensure carriers are clear of the atellica magline transport diverters. Diverters are areas where the atellica magline transport splits into two directions. The system will not initialize properly if carriers are blocking the diverters. If appropriate, ensure all analyzer probes and sample handler or sample handler connect grippers are off. The Atellica Magline transport and in a safe position before starting the system to enable free movement of the carrier's when the Atellica magline transport. Initializes, then reinstall the Atellica magline transport covers by positioning each cover so the edges of the cover fit into the slots on either side of the opening. Slide the Atellica magline transport cover in until the spring clips lock the cover into place. Tighten the two screws under the atellica magline cover. To complete the procedure, restart the system software by first selecting the sign out button in the status bar. Then select sign out and confirm by selecting yes. And then select restart. Select, restart the PC, See workstation only and then restart. This completes the procedure to clear carrier jams on the atellica magline transport.

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