Creating and Ordering QC Panels on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to create and order QC panels on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

SIEMENS . SIEMENS Solution Version I. 11.027 11.30/2017 sp00107 AtellicaTM Solution Version I. AtellicaTM Solution Version I. I I. 11.302017 11.30Q2017 Healthineers Wo In IA Add pa Add Add New QC panel Create QC Orders * Create QC Orders Create OC Orders * Control Bracketing Control e racketing QC Statistics QC OC Statistics Patient ac Flagging QC Flagging OC Flagging ac Definitions CC Definitions ac OC ac Panels ac panels Control Matenalg Control Materials Hater* Select QC Panels + Contra Nameo + Contra Name Control Name + Contra Name Ccontrol Name Name Level Cmntrol ID Control ID Control Lot Control Name Control La In ID Control Control Control Lot X Ccntrol Cmntrol ID Control Control ID Contre Lot Expiratbn Onb»rd Contra Lot Expiratön Contra Lot Expiratnn Contral Lot Expiratöon Contra Lot Expiratön Ontmrd Control Lot Expiration usage Usage + Contrd Name Contrel Name Level Level Control 10 Control 10 Control ID Control 10 Control ID Control Cmntrol ID Contre Lot Expirathn Or&ard Contro Lot Expiratin Next Date Test Name Next Last Test LA PLUS 1 IA PLUS2 PLUS 2 11/302019 Primary Panel Panels Next Date Test Name IAPLUS2 IA PLUS 2 40342 Select Tests Daoacc,H In In Use 11/27,2017 Select Tests System Test Options Test Name Replicates System Test Options Replicates System Test Options Rest Names System Test Options + IA PLUS 3 + A PLUS 3 11/302019 PLUS 3 IA PLUS 3 Modi_ie Type ModL*e Type Tvpe In use In Use In 9/302019 11.30/2017 11/27/2017 11/30/2017 11/'27,2017 11/30/2019 ModL* Type ModWe Type Mod Type Mod & Type Type 11.30/2017 Test Name Test Dig 11 r30t2017 11.30/2017 11.302017 11/30/2017 Search Information In Use Alc—3 Alc_3 ALP_2c X Nan e Ccntrol Name Name Nan e Level Control ID Level Cmtrol Level Cmtrol ID Control Name Cmtrol Lot Lot Lot Expiratbn Lot Expiratön usage Test Name X Test Name Next Date Replicates System Test Options Test Name Replicates System Test Options X Ccntrol X Cmtrol X Test Name Test Name Level Level Control ID Control ID Cmtrol ID Cmtrol Lot Control ID Cmntrol Lot CCntroI Lot Cm:otrol Lot Control Name Lot Lot Expiration Lot Expiratbon Lot Expiratim Lot Expiratbnl Lot Expiratöon Onb•ard onboard Postion Replicates System Test I Edit Test Options Test 18 IA PLUS IA PLUS IA PLUS 3 IA PLUS 2 IAPLUS2 IA PLUS2 1 40341 40341 11/ '302019 Primary Dig I Edit Test Options System Test Options Edit Edit I Pack Pack Name Control 10 Control In Lot Lot Expirati(N1 Test Name Control Name + Contra Name Control ID 10 Ccntrol Lot Lot Expiratbonm Lot Expiraticm L ot usage onboard Name Nan e TSH3UL 2 Tn1_uL D_HDL D-HDL TSH3UL TSH3uL 2 Pack -k TSH3UL O_HDL Dig 1+ IA PLUS 2 IA 3 IA PLUS2 IA PLUS IAPLUS2 11.302017 11/302017 11.30,2017 11/302019 11/27/2017 Present Dig Dig TSH3UL In IA 1 IA 2 LA PLUS 2 110302019 11.'30/2017 11030/2019 Primary Present Diltænt Pack 1+ Tn1_uL TSH3uL TSH3UL TSH3uL TSH3UL IA PLUS 2 PLUS 2 IA 2 40342 40341 Primary IA PLUS IA PIUS 3 IA PLUS 3 11, '302019 primary 1+ Tn1_UL Tn1_uL TSH3uL 40341 TSH3uL TSH3UL ID Add Add QC Select Tests 40 PEP LabManager Monday, 09, 2:56 PM Monday, 2:56 PM Monday, 09, 2017 2:56 PM Thursday, 30. 2017 : M Thursday, 30, 2017 7:41 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 Thursday, 30. 2017 7:35 Thursday, 30. 2017 7:37 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 7:38 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 7:47 AM Thursday. 30, 2017 7:41 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 7:3d Thursday, 30. 2017 7:35 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 7:34 AM Thursday, 30. 2017 7:341 AM Thursday, 30, 2017 7:341 AM Thursday, November 30, 2017 7:41 AM