Determining QC Needs on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to determine QC Needs on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

This video will show how to determine which quality control materials need to be loaded on the atellica solution. The QC needs provides a list of the QC materials the system requires to access. The QC needs screen. First select inventory on the command bar. Then select the QC needs tab. A QC need will be posted if the QC scheduler is set up to create an order before the end of the current day or if there is a pending QC order in the work list and it will be red when there is a pending order in the work list with no QC material available. If the all check box at the bottom of the screen is not checked, only needs four orders in which the QC material is not available, will display. This is the default setting. The onboard status column indicates whether the control material is on board or not on board. If the status is on board, the material could be in either a sample handler drawer or in the County. See storage area in this example, since the All Check box at the bottom of the screen is not checked, all of the controls are not on board. The scheduled column will indicate when the control is automatically scheduled to be run. The usable volume needed column lists the volume of the control required for the day. The assays column displays the assay associated with the control. The storable column indicates whether the control material is stored on board in the County of the storage area. The group by QC material checkbox can be used to group the control materials by control name. To consolidate the list, collapse each control name using the arrow to the left of the control name to print the QC needs, select the print icon in the status bar to create orders on the QC need screen, select QC order. Select the appropriate analyzer or analyzer is from the dropdown menu. To search for an assay, enter the assay name in the search field. Select one or more essays showing on the table. Under selected packs, select the desired option. The list displays the essays that QC orders will be created for select save to create the orders and return to the QC needs screen. This completes our overview of using the QC needs screen.

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