Dimension EXL SARS-CoV-2 Total Antibody Calibration Procedure Video

The Dimension® EXL™ SARS‑CoV‑2 Total antibody assay (CV2T) is for in vitro diagnostic use in the qualitative detection of total antibodies to SARS‑CoV‑2 using the Dimension® EXL™ integrated chemistry system with LOCI® Module. This video will assist with the steps needed to calibrate the CV2T assay.

Siemens Dimension E Excel SARS Co V2 total antibody calibration procedure video. The Dimension Excel SARS Co. V2 total antibody assay is for use in the qualitative detection of total antibodies to SARS, Co V2 prior to processing the Dimension Excel CV two TSA. For patient samples QC or calibration, allow all other tests to complete. Ensure that no other essays are submitted for processing until all SARS. Co V2. Total antibody testing is complete and the analyzer is in standby from the operating menu. Select F1. Enter data and Enter the following calibrater information in the position field, enter the segment letter and position number of calto. For patient name, enter the Calibrater name. For sample number, enter the calibrater lot number. Made the location field blank. Tests request three tests for the Dimension XL CV2, TSA. Mode select F7 Next mode to change to sample Cup. Priority select F4 next priority to change to QC. Fluid Select F8 next fluid to change to serum QC 3. Note when processing Dimension Excel CV2T serum QC three is reserved for the calibrater. An erroneous calibration of the essay could occur if any other fluid designation or material is used next, at a minimum of 0.1 milliliters of the SARS Co. V2 total antibody calibrater level 2 to a 1.5 milliliter sample Cup. Place the sample Cup into the segment position entered in the position field and select F2. Process single the following message will appear. This fluid serum QC three will calibrate a CV2T method. Continue yes or no. Select why to begin the calibration when the calibration is complete, run the SARS kolvi to total antibody quality control.

Standby Sampler Idle Sample NO. : Sample Alert IMT OK 05/27/20 05:04 05/27/20 05:041 05/27/20 05:05 05/27/20 05:08 05/27/20 05:09 05/27/20 05:4104 05/27/20 05:104 05/27/20 05:11 SIEMENS . Dimension labmanager Enter ENTER SAMPLE DATA ENTER SAMPLE Fl: NEW SAMPLE DATA STAT status Posit ion : Position: Location: Dilution: Location Mode: PRIMARY TUBE Mode: SAMPLE cup Al Sample Alert Sample Ilert Sample NO. : Sampler Idle Calib Alert Sample No. : CV2T Cal CV2T cal CV2T CV2T Priority: ROUTINE Priority: QC Patient Name: Supplies QC Alert Sample NO. : 1234AB Flu id: SERUM rumQC3 SerumQC3 SerumQC1 Se rumQC3 Calib Alert Sampler Idle Location: Tes ts : Tests: CV2T CV2T CV2T CV2T CV2T CV2T Run Home Volume : 30 ut Fl: NEW SAMPLE ENTER SAMPLE F6: DELETE SAMPLE F2: PROCESS SINGLE F3: LOAD UST F3: LOAD LIST F3: LOAD UIST F 4: NEXT PRIORITY F 4: SYSTEM PREP F6: DELETE SAMPLE F5: DELETE TEST DELETE TEST F6: SYSTEM CONFIG F6: DELETE SAMPLE F5: DELETE TEST F7: NEXT MODE NEXT MODE F-7: NEXT MODE NEXT FLUID F8: NEXT FLUID NEXT FLUID