Replacing Cuvette Diaphragm Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace a cuvette diaphragm on the Dimension® Systems.

With the instrument in standby, raise the IMT lid. Insert a strong, slender tool into the reagent lid latch and press firmly while raising the lid. From the operating menu, access the system counters screen by pressing F for system prep. F6 system counters on the system counters screen press F2, diaphragm change. Lift the barcode reader out of the way. Unscrew the alignment bar thumbscrew and lift it out of the way. Unlock the Useles solenoid assembly by pulling the curved locking bar to the right. Move the assembly to the left. Pull the Cuvet Formation assembly away from the cuvet ring. Remove the used cuvette diaphragm by lifting and edge an pulling it off the heat torch. Be careful not to pull the soft rubber tip out of position. Examine the new diaphragm. EU shaped notches should face Tord you and you should be able to view the 002 imprinted on the diaphragm. Install the diaphragm over the heat torch. Place the Cuvet Formation assembly back into position next to the Cuvet ring. Return the You Seal solenoid assembly to its position an lock it into place with the curved bar position the alignment bar with the pins touching and tighten the screw. Lower the barcode reader. Next, press any key when the prompt do you want to store the new system information appears, type Y to update the system counters screen. Close the reagent and I empty lids. Finally, document the procedure on the instrument log sheet.

uvette Diaphragm press any ke R2 probe up: 2009 F2: DIAPH CHANGE F2: REAGENT PREP is changing the Cuvette Diaphragm press any key to continue. Nter changing the Cuvette Diaphragm press any key to continue. F4: SYSTEM QHECK F 4: SYSTEM PREP F4: SYS F6: HM COUNTERS F6: SYS RMS COUNTERS F4: SYSTEM F2: DIAPH CHANGE SIEMENS F2: DIAPH C is STORE CHANGES CHANGE LOAD COUNTERS HMS COUNTERS RMS COUNTERS F8: SEGMENT STATUS F8: DAILY MAINT. F6: HM COUNTERS SIEMENS SIEM SIEMENS