Replacing R2 Probe Tip Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the R2 probe tip on the Dimension® Systems.

As the reagent tips for the R1R2 an R3 are the same part. This replacement process will be demonstrated on the R2 probe tip. With the instrument in standby, press the pause key to turn the samplers off. Turn the bottom gold splined shaft on the reagent arm to raise the reagent probe up and out of the reagent drain. Anne move the R2 arm until you can easily access the probe tip. Place a paper towel under the probe to prevent anything from falling into a reagent cartridge while removing the probe tip. Use a five 16th open and wrench on the flat part of the pro body to stabilize it. Slide the 1/4 end of the offset wrench from the bottom up the reagent probe and on to the probe tip, not while stabilizing the pro body. Turn the offset wrench to the left to loosen the probe. Once the nut is loose. Unscrew it with your fingers to remove both the probe tip and the knot. Next, insert a new reagent probe tip into a new probe tip, not. Screw the new reagent probe tip on to the reagent probe body finger tight. Using the five sixteenths open and wrench to stabilize and the 1/4 offset wrench to turn completely tighten. The new reagent probe tip. Close the instrument lids and press pause to restart the sampling system. From the operating menu, access the system counters screen by pressing F4 system prep after 6 system counters, move the cursor box to the R2 probe tip field and press enter to change the field from no to yes, press F1 to store changes. When a message box appears asking do you want to store the new system information? Press Y and the screen will update 20 cycles with the current date. Use the home key to return to the operating menu, then display the pump prime screen by pressing F for system prep. F7 palm prime. Set the cycle count to three an press F4 to prime the R2 pump 3 times. Follow the operators guide instructions to perform the probe alignments, and then perform QC before running patient samples. Document the replacement on the instrument log sheet.

Run F2: REAGENT PREP F3: REAGENT 1 F 3: 1M T RZ Reagent probé Alignments four to align R2 to align R2 R2 arm to drain R2 reagent to F4: SYSTEM PREPK F4: SYSTEM PREP RZ arm to tray OR F6: SYS COUNTERS do'S Home in a Stop Run F7: PUMP PRIME F7: the in the in Standby. Press raise Press F8: DAILY MAINT. 2 R A A Sy F8: SEGMENT STATUS R2 reagent to SIEMENS this