Replacing Source Lamp Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the source lamp on the Dimension® Systems.

Follow the instructions in the operators guide to perform a controlled power shutdown. After shutdown, wait approximately 5 minutes for the source lamp assembly to cool before continuing with this procedure. Once the lamp has cooled, lower the thermal chamber by placing a screwdriver into the hole of the thermal chamber release bracket and pushing down on the internal release plate. The source lamp is easily located by the Yellow Burn hazard icon. To better see the procedure this portion of the instruction will be performed on a demonstration photometer, loosen the two captive screws that hold the source lamp assembly in place. Unplug the source lamp connector and remove the source lamp. Install the new source lamp by first plugging in the connector. Align the holes at the two corners of the source lamp assembly over the pins an, then tighten the thumbscrews. Next, raise the thermal chamber by placing both hands underneath an lifting until the thermal chamber seats completely against the baseplate. Check the yellow tape indicators to ensure the Chamber is closed completely. Restore power by first turning on the RMS IF installed and then the main power switch. After the instrument has rebooted, check for Slack in the film to remove Slack. Access. The film loading tension screen by pressing F4 system prep, F6 system counters, F3 film load, and then press F2 tension. Next, from the operating menu, press F7 diagnostics. F3 alignments. At four photometer. Perform an arm alignment. And when the time in the high field is 30 minutes or greater, perform an Mau offset calibration. After completing the alignments, perform a system check and daily QC Riford to the operator's Guide. For detailed instructions, an A list of methods that must be calibrated following this replacement procedure. Document this replacement on the instrument log sheet.

Thermal Charnt*r to ensure complete closure. step: Restore power as indicated in the Controlled Power Shi .4 Calib Alert CAUTION! If the photometer fails to initialize. perf F3: TEST RESULTS F3: ALIGNMENTS 11 Calibration procedure on the next step 7. Check to see that there is no slack in the film coming o cartridge. If there is. display the Film Loadingrrension cartridge. If there is, display the Film Loadingrrension Exit F2: Tension. F3: ALIGNMENTS F7: KINETICS F7: DIAGNOSTICS n Prep Perform the entire Photometer Alignment prcxedure (s Perform a System Check and your Daily QC. Enter Parameters have been 11 Recalibrate the following methods: C3. CCRP. IGA. LIDO. NAPA. PALB. IGA, IGG. IGM. LIDO. NAPA. PALB. PHN( IGA. IGG. IGM. LIDO. NAPA. PALB. IGM. LIDO. NAPA. PALB. PHN( THEO. TOBR. TRNF. VALP. VANC. F7: KINETICS source lamp. Scanning „ Scanning EWER to stop. ENTER to stop. EWTER to Stop. to stop. to stop, 12 Document this replacement on the Instrument Log START START