Dimension Software Version 10.4 Update – User Groups and User Accounts Video

This video will cover aspects of the software related to User Accounts and User Groups including:
  • Configuring the Security Profiles of User Groups
  • Creating and Configuring User Accounts
  • Deleting User Accounts
  • And Signing In with a Different User Account

Dimension Software version 10.4 update user groups and user accounts video. The system software has been enhanced by the addition of user accounts, user groups, and password security enhancements. This video will cover aspects of the software related to user accounts and user groups, including configuring the security profiles of user groups, creating and configuring user accounts, deleting user accounts and signing in with a different user account. Configuring the security profiles of user groups. Laboratory managers configure the chief technicians, daytime operators, and nighttime operators user groups to allow full access, read only access or no access to a variety of instrument settings and features. Laboratory managers have full control of all instrument settings plus the ability to create and delete users, reset passwords, and configure privileges for user groups. It should also be noted that signing in with user accounts now replaces the need to enter a. Password when accessing individual screens. Note guest user is the default sign-in and has limited access. The guest user operator ID cannot be configured. The access levels to different instrument features are defined as follows. Full control users with full control can view, configure or change values. Readonly users with read only privileges can view values, but cannot configure or save changes. Finally, no access. Users cannot access the specific feature at all. The function key will not be visible. The features that are configurable for the user group security profiles are sets of functionality that can be found on their respective menus, notes, all navigation paths going forward. Assume the starting point of the home operating menu and a log in as a member of the Laboratory Managers Group. To change access levels for the chief technicians, daytime operators, and nighttime operators, user groups perform the following. Procedure select F6 system config. F8 more options. F2 config security. F2 user groups. The system displays the configure user Group privileges screen displayed or the options for the Chief Technicians Group to view and edit the daytime operators or nighttime operators groups. Select F1 next group cursor to the access type you want to select for each feature and press enter to toggle between off and on. Note there are 18 configurable features. Cursor down to see them all. Select F2 store to save your changes. Creating and configuring user accounts. Users can be added, deleted or assigned to different user groups at anytime by a member of the laboratory Managers User Group. To create individual user accounts, perform the following procedure. Select F6 system config. F8 more options. F2 config security. F1 user accounts. The system displays the user account, setup screen and all previously stored accounts. Select F1 create account. At the data entry prompt, enter the new operators initials, then press enter. Note the maximum operators initials length is 3 characters, and operator initials cannot be duplicated between user accounts at the data entry prompt, enter the new operator's full name, then press enter. Note the maximum full name length is 26 characters at the data entry prompt, enter the new operators operator ID, then press enter. The operator ID is the account name that an operator uses to log into the system. And is chosen by the operator. Note the maximum operator ID length is 10 characters, spaces are not allowed and it must be unique. No other users can have the same operator ID at the data entry prompt. Enter the new operators password, then press enter. Note the system enforces minimal password complexity requirements, and each password must contain at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, one numeric character, and one special character. The# or hashtag special character. Cannot be used for passwords. By default, the minimum length for passwords is 14 characters, unless changed following the steps in the dimension software version 10.4 update. Customizing minimum password length and resetting user account passwords video. The maximum password length is 20 characters. At the data entry Prompt, Re enter the new operators password, then press enter. At the member of Group Prompt, Select Enter repeatedly as needed to choose the user group for the new operator. When the appropriate user group has been identified, select F6. Store. The system displays an indication that the new user account has been stored. Deleting user accounts to delete an individual user account. Perform the following procedure. Note if you are back on the home screen, perform the following navigation to get to the user account setup. F6 system config. F8 more options. F2 config security. F1 user accounts. The system displays the user account, setup screen and all previously stored accounts cursor within the Member of Group column and select the row of the user account to be deleted. Then select F7 delete account. Note it is not possible for assigned in operator to delete their own account. It is also not possible to delete the initial laboratory manager user account in the pop up window. Select yes to confirm the deletion of the user account or no to cancel the deletion of the user account. Note any historical data generated by the deleted account remains archived. Signing in with a different user account. By default, the system automatically signs in as a guest user on startup, while guest users can process samples. They cannot perform calibration or advanced functions to perform these functions. Sign in with a different user account that has these privileges to sign out & in as any other user. Perform the following procedure. From any screen, select the sign out icon. The change operator window displays for systems without the sign out icon, select Alt exit simultaneously on the keyboard. Select change operator. The sign in window displays the current operator ID is now signed out and the sign in popup window remains visible until another operator ID signs in. Enter the operator ID, then select tab or touch the password box on the screen. Enter the password. Then select sign in the system returns to the home screen and the authenticated operator ID displays.

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