Dot Cockpit - Program Editor - Create Program

The video shows how to create a program using the Program Editor in the Dot Cockpit.

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Dot Cockpit Proa rarn Eddor ProqrM1 Eddor Prograrn Eddor Eddor Edit Simulate Exarnination Preview Default Standard USER head Brain StaMfüd USER head Brain •:New USER head Brain Starda-d m 19 Save as SIEMENS AAhead_scout AutoAlOn. Use Edit to maintain/edit To test your strategy and decision 03:34 tl tse dark-mid tl tse dark-nud tl tl _tse_dark-ftud_ 03:34 04:32 ep2d_dark-nuid_tra_p2_4rnm 02:01 0201 02:01 paths, switch to Simulate in the measurement programs measurement program clinical libraries Dot Cockpit ep2d_dark.fluid_tra_p2_4mrn 02:01 0201 Brain Dot Engine AutoAIign Standard t 1 _mp2rage_sag_p2_iso 08:00 Brain Dot Engine and Dot engines Dot Cockpit Program Editor 08:00 IAC library white matter lesions clinical libraries AutoAI•gn Orbits cortical architecture *Ivanced applications libraries general bold imaging imaging applications libraries clinical libraries advanced applications libraries clinical libraries Standard Program Editor — Create Program Neuro Perfusion syngo via acvllcations libraries library advanced applications libraries clinical libraries applications libraries library AutoAIign Standard AutoAlOn. Search for the relevant program/ IAC library bcalizer applications libraries imaging AutoAI•gn Orbits cortical architecture prograrn Dot Engine you want to add angicwaphy ce pituitary advanced applications libraries white matter lesions AutoAIign Standard bold imaging angicwaphy ce Neuro Perfusion syngo via Neuro syngo pituitary bcalizer AutoAI•gn Orbits IAC Name I Name Then drag and drop them t2_tgse3d_tra_p12 ep2d_dark-nuid_tra_p2_4mm 02:01 ep2d_dark.fluid_tra_p2_4mrn ep2d_dark-nuid_tra_p2_4mnm 02:01 ep2d_dark-nuid_tra_p2_4rnm 02:01 t2_tse3d_tra_p2 w 10 03:05 04:32 03:34 04:25 02:01 to the workspace t2_tsep2d_tra_p2 t2_tse3d_tra_p2 tl tse dark-flud 00:19' 04:32 00:19 Type in the name of the program Select a Library 0305 Duration 1354 1354