Angio Dot Engine - A Workflow Demonstration with QISS

This e-Clip demonstrates the angio dot engine workflow with QISS.

Start by choosing your program to suit the clinical requirement of the patient. The body part is automatically defined. The latter ality needs to be selected by the user. In the DOT patient view, automatic voice commands can be chosen in the patient's language saving time. An expenses with translation services. Additionally, you can define the time between breath holds to suit the patient's needs. The guidance card provides instructions to help the user setup the patient in the correct way, even if the user is inexperienced. You can define the optimal protocol to be scanned by selecting the patient's heart rate range. The KISS guidance provides you an easy workflow to plan the peripheral scan range. Define the steps which will require breath holds and set the breath hold time according to the patient's capabilities. From the in line. Composed images. A 3D view can be easily produced for evaluation of the pathology.

Angio Eatient Applications Eatient Applications Iransfer Eatient Eatient Apphications Eatient Applicabions Applicabons Evalucations APPlications Iransfer Iransfer Edit Edit Queue Pcotocol Potocol Ptotocol Yew Image Image Ima e Tools Image Tools Tools EvalEtion Tools Evaluation Tools Image Evaluation 'Tools" Tools Scroll System Qptions Applications Add-On Add-On Qptions Help Options Qptions Help Patient Confirmation Eatient Applications mss mss VEI IA RSNA ass RSNA OISS 15 1329 1381329 '07/11/1979, M, Dot Engine mss PATIENT SAFETY STUDY STUDY 2 07/11/2014 All Programs Al' Programs Name RSNA QISS RSNA ass SIEMENS 12 Feet First - Supine Choose your Program pelvis female Height 185 Iml pelvis mak • shoulder shoukler Dot Patient View elbow wrist hand Guidance QISS* FIRST LEVEL MODE knee Choose your Decision Choose your Program ankle • whole body oncology whole body oncology Gradient Gradént whole body diffusion SIEMENS 11 Iml Il Interactive Planning sp os sp R2S sp 5 TimCT oncology sp sp p.2 spo P22.s sp H,08.2 sp Sag sag heand MEDICAL INFORMATION Qiss non-CE QISS non-CE neck sag with optimized kinetic timing Cmtrast thorax 802 Peripheral Angiogram •tti2d1 abdomen • peripheral NATIVE_SPACE legs Provide non-CE peripheral MRA Dot RSNA ass RSNA QISS QISS 07/11/1979 07/11/2014 TX 0:41 PM: ISO TX 0:50 PM: ISO TA- 1:20 PM: ISO 9 PM: ISO voxestze: 0.5xo.5x3.omm Rel. SNR: 1.00 voxestze: 0.5xo.5x3.omm Rd. SNR: 1.00 voxesize: 0.5xo.5*3.omm Rd. SNR: 1.00 voxesize: 0.5xo.5*3.omm Rdl. SNR: 1.00 -tfi TOF legs QISS Pregnancy Status ass QISS PararTEters QISS Medkal Akrts Load Program to Queue Breath-hold Parameters Breath-hold Paramete Adapt the number of steps to be measured according to the Adapt the number of steps to be measured according to the PERU positioning PERU Angio Position the patient feet first and supine. Check in ECG statistics whether average PR-interval is longer or shorter than 800ms patients height and select the range of voice commands. patients height and select the range of voice comrnands. oss OISS QISS Exam Strategy voice and select corresponding value trom the drop-down menu. Fast View Localizer Fast Localizer Study Description angiography peripheral Study Description angiography Study Description angiography perWheral Number of steps 10 11 e' Automatic breath-hold commands Automatic breath-hold commands V' Automatic breath-hold commands Experience an "easy-to-handle Decision is-ion RR > Special Needs Add Study Comment Language eglish (United States) This can help to reduce gradient interferences or artifacts Language English (United States) Language Gglish (United Stateæ Language Important Note: Some functions shown in these videos ore options that might not be part of your system. Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper 05142 0542 SS trun in the vicinity of the PERU transmitter unit, use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual issued by Siemens. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Before scan Hold breath (inhaled). Before scan Hold breath (inhaled) Body Part and Laterality Ccncatenations per step Cmncatenations per step After scan Continue breathing. Pause beween breath-holds 185 15 Confirm with contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, 99% *tfi2d1 Current Filter Off E 06:14 E 05:42 E OO:OO 05:42 OO:OO Waiting for scan instructions. Waiting for slice positioning. Waiting for size ptG&miogs. Adjusting (CTM)... Stimu=NM SAR—NM Patient successfully registered. Stimu=NM SAR-NM Stimu=FL SAR-NM 07/11f2014 07/11f2014 16:41:48 07/11f2014 16:41:51 07/1 In014 07/11f2014 16:43:32 07/1 In014 16:42:20 07/1 In014 16:42:34 07/11If2014 16:43:32 17:06:44