Breast Dot Engine - A Workflow Demonstration

This e-Clip demonstrates the breast dot engine workflow.

Start by choosing your program to suit the clinical requirement of the patient. The body part is automatically defined and the laterality can be chosen. Now select the exam strategy to suit the patient's needs. Also select the automatic features that you want applied across the entire examination. Decisiones defined the detail of the exam to be scanned based on the clinical question. For example, if dedicated Silicon imaging in patients with breast implants is required, choose the decision. Yes, and the relevant protocols will be added to the queue. Guidance is shown as to what to expect when the frequency adjustment spectrum is displayed after the implant type scan is performed. This helps define if the patient has a Silicon or Saline implant in order to obtain consistent fat saturation results. Use the guidance and resulting frequency spectrum to define if an implant is present and if it is silicone or Saline. If no implants are present, choose none for the implant situation. Auto coverage automatically defines the number of slices and field of view dimensions to cover the breast anatomy. The information about what has been changed can be seen by selecting the info icon on the guidance card. Guidance tips are given to help prepare and plan the dynamic scans and for positioning of the auto bolus detection volume. A pictorial of the workflow timeline in the Dynamic Imaging Protocol is displayed for your reference. Use the guidance instructions to help position the volume for the auto bolus detection. The dynamic scans will be automatically triggered to begin when the contrast medium reaches the heart. No additional user interaction is required, helping to obtain consistent results. Now that all of the sequences are planned, the exam will continue to be scanned. You can see what is happening at any point of time. For example, the Green Protocol is currently running. If necessary, changes can be made at anytime scans or even entire parts of the workflow can be easily repeated. For example, in case of unexpected patient movement.

Eatient Eatient Applications Patient Patient A Qpplications Opplications Evalucations _dications Transfer Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol Pcotocol Image Protocol Yew Image Protocol Image Ptotocol Image Pcotocol Yew Image Protocol a e Protocol Mew Image Pcotocol Image Tools Protocol Yi9W Image Image Tools Too s Töols Evaluation Scroll System System Ad&-On Qptions System Add-On Qptons System Add-On Qptions Add-On Add-On Qptions Options Qptions tions tons Help tinn Breast BreastD on ngine Step 9 - Care Bolus Bolus VEI IA VEIIA VEI IA VEIIA Eatient Applications Patient Confirmation Implant IYpe Scon Guidance 0:52 0:12 1 12 13 / 192 1 12 7 112 20 12 1 / 12 1 11 / 12 / 11 1211 192 Breast Dot_Engine 1211 In014 12/11/20914 1211 In014 12/11/19914 12/11/209914 12/11,209914 Dot Engine MA 12 step 7 - Step 7 - PATIENT SAFETY Name Breast Dot Engine Saline Engin Patient ( ) Position Choose your Program Choose your Strategy Choose your Clinical t-spine Height Agent name Choose your Strategy TimCT whole-spine 4. thorax Choose your Program Choose your Clinical Choose your Strategy Tirning Timing y' :ecisions Decisions • Breast Dot Engine • Breast Dot_Engine • Breast_Dot_Engine Implant IYpe Scan Guidance Implant Type Scon Guidance Implant IYpe Scon Guidance Implant Type Scan Guidance Implant UYpe Scan Guidance Gradent Eatient Voke Commands Bl 4ch Care Bolus care BOIus 50 go Breast Implant Situation Implant Situation Breast c 134 +0 IPO TPO TPO pa WNORWDlS2D sp p2 sp ß20 pa p2 1211 sp R840 sp R84.o sp F187 pa p2 p; sp ß20.o sp S2p sp S2D sp sp F32.2 p2 sp sp F36_7 sp F30_7 sp F21_1 sp on AutoCoverage F 500=500 agent X Fov 500'500 F 500'500 Fov Fov 500'50 F 50 agent X agent x Sag Dot Engine Dot ot Dot Engine 12111/20914 TR 1:29 4:12 3:39 PM: REF PM: FIX PAT: 2 PAT: 3 Off Ott localsizei localsizer• SNR: Breast_Dot_Engine Breast Dot_Engine 12/11/19914 12/11/01991 12/11/209914 12/11/20914 12M 1/1991 12/11209914 12/11/201991 12/11/1991 0:52 : tir ea pa Dynamic Scanning Guidance abdomen Guidance Breast Dynarnic Pararneters Parameters Breast Implant Situation Guidance eneral Parameters pregnÄcy Statue General Parameters enerä a mete a mete mete enerä Pr4gnancy Status Breast Dynamic Guidance ua Scan type and otimplants. Please adapt Slice position if necessary ?can type and location it necessary Check Slice positions. Adjust it necessary. Check Slice positions Adjust it necessary. Position the slice and the ROIfor Care Bolus: Position the slice End the tOIfor Care Bolus Exam Strategy Fat Sat INTERVIEWS Non Fat Sat INTERVIEWS Medical Alerts localizer• localize K Load localizer localize i localizei' localizej• Choose type and location of implants. Choose position of system frequency (dotted line): on Prepare injector Planning of Dynamic Scanning Planning of Ovnamic Scanning In "Confirm Frequency Adjustment" pop-up, remember position otsystem trequency (doted line): In the Implant Type Scan, silicone the water peak, or to the right of the water peak 1 Select the localizer transverse slice 1 . Select the localizer transverse slice implant_type_scan 00:11 0038 00:38 implant_type on water peak. or to right of water peak. Water peak, to right ot water peak. water peak. orto right of water peak to right ot water peak scan CareBolus Planning Requested Procedure implants appear dark, and saline that shows the rightventricle. that shows the right ventricle F Care Bolus Care Bolus t1_fi3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 tl _ft3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 t1_ft3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 Continue implants appear bright Confirm frequency adjustment Continue t1_n3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_2__ Implant Situation Study Description breast Breast Dot Engine tl 2. Position the in the Position the in the on water peak right of water peak 20 10 14 t1_n3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_2_. t1_n3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_2_ F t1_n3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_2_. Prepare injector transversal slice with a left Only after frequency change Prepare IreBolus Care Bolus tirm_tra tirm tra 0320 03200 Orm tra mouse click. Dot Engine MPR planning Auto Adjust Volume use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual issued by Siemens. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Care Bolus Position Bolus 3. ClickApply to complete planning t1_fi3d_tra_nonfatsat tl fi3d tra nonfatsat H n3d tra nonfatsat t1_n3d_tra_nonfatsat Hl nl3d tra nonfatsat u tra nonfalsat 01:29 0169 0143. Care8d1us Care301us Injection Detection tl Exam Queue 034 ROI Post 2 Post n 02:59 "10 Care aolus runs after precontragtscan has finished - Care runs after precontragt scan has finished - Planning of Dynamic Scanning Planning of Ovnamic Scanning 03: 14 Implant Type Confirmation Implant IYpe Scan Guidance Implant IYpe Scon Guidance yes 10 14 13 confirm and contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well as standard and optional features that do not always have to be present in individual cases. 510(k) pending. MPR planning begin the contrast agent injection. M_1l3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 M_fl3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 t1_n3d_tra_nonfatlEWS_spatr_1 t1_fl3d_tra_nonfatlEWS_spatr_1 t1_fl3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 t1_n3d_tra_dynaVlEWS_spair_1 t1_ni3d_tra_nonfatlEWS_spatr_1 t1_n3d_tra_dynfaVlEWS_spair_1 04:27 01:43 01:29 01:22 01:429 Additional Silicone Protocols Functionalities described in the material or parts of this functionality may not yet be released for customers and not yet be commercially available in every country. Due to regulatory no 03:20 04:27 p2 1211 80 None t1_fl3d_tra_nonfatsat Prepare injector 12:08 02:53 01:29 Inline MPR yes 02:48 10 01:29 01:227 13 11 04:27 03:44 01:543 01:54 Saline Salicone 01:429 Care Bolus Care Planning of Dynamic Scanning 01:43 01:29 1 12 01:20 01:22 Right of water peak On water peak On water peak Saline L. E 2205 E 22:16 E 22:05 E 32:15 22:54 18:45 12:08 Waiting for scan instructions. Waiting for slice positioning. Waiting for user to continue. Waiting for scan iosttions. Waiting for user totontinue. Scanning 039 Scanning Scanning 043 Scanning 01:18 (1311m) Scanning 041 Tirnning Stimu=FL SAR-NM Stimu=FL SAR—NM Patient successfully registered. Patient successfully registered 12111/2014 1 12 1211 1211 In014 12111/2014 10:30: r.