Cardiac Dot Engine - A Workflow demonstration

This e-Clip demonstrates the cardiac dot engine workflow.

The cardiac DOT engine provides many automation functionality's to help you with imaging the heart. In EMAR these include defining the maximum breath hold time for that patient. The language for auto voice commands and the DOT strategy. The isocenter localizer places the heart in the center of the magnetic field. You can get instructions an information in the guidance card to ensure the correct positioning is performed. You can use the auto align heart to define the measurement orientations of the heart. This will be the basis for all the cardiac plain automatic positioning throughout the examination. From the five anatomical points defined in the auto align heart, the long axis planes are automatically planned. Editing is possible and the positions of the long access gneisses will be used when needed for the entire examination. As in the long access planning, the short axis planes are defined in the define SAX step. The number of slices required to cover the left ventricle is automatically planned. Editing is possible if more slices are required. Editing of the Order of sequences is possible with simple drag and drop functionality. You can easily monitor exam progress via various visual cues such as green highlighting and progress timer. Cardiac settings of an opened protocol can be adapted while you are scanning. Simply select the tick boxes of the orientations to be measured and use the quick access to the protocol parameters to update them when needed. You can see what is happening at any point of time. For example, a green protocol is currently running.

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Cardiac e 109204000 0109204001 6109204001 0 109204001 61092031338 61092040018 e 109204001 61092031838 61092 1 51092031338 61092 01 01092031338 e 109204001 4 109204001 e 1092040 01092040018 oj 1092031338 11 01092031338 51092031338 51092031338 31 27. e 10 27.sep.14 27." .14 Engine Dot Engine tion Features Automation Features Isocenter Localizer sp210cm 10 cm 10 cm Guidance Card Cardiac 7700 Heart Scout AutoAlign Heart Scout AutoALign Heart Scout Tp Tp WRETR sp 445 sp Tp 45 42 sp Tpo 737 s 00 TT 730.0 727 ± 55 Dot Engine heartbeats Sag Sag g21 8 Define Cardiac SAX Planes ine Cardiac SAX Planes ardiac SAX Planes Define Cardiac SAX Planes m Queue Exam Queue 20-sep-61 Dot Dot PAT 2 3_os PM: REF 0:-14 PM: REF Rel. Re. SNR: 1.13 20-sep-61 PAT: 2 size: SNR: Re. SNR: SNR: 1.00 iac SAX Planning Settings Cardiac Settings Settings for Tissue Characterization Parameters Marker Localization Marker Locaruation Guidance Parameters AutoAlign Heart AutoALign Heart Scout Position tha slices as shown in the example image POSition tha slices as shown in the example image POSition tha Slices as ihown the examÉle image Position the slices as Shown the sample images Heart Views Parameters Left Atrium Left CINE _segmented Localizer CiNE_segmented LAX •all all Slices been automatically Slices have been automatically Ensure complete Coverage of the heart trom bgse to Ensure; complete coverage of the heart tram bæse to AAHeart_Scout Workßow AAHea11 Scout AAHeart Scout AAHeart1 Scout AAI-iear Scout Cardiac No. of breathholds Slices calculated. Please review and calculated. Please revievqand mm DeninesAX L'[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DemeSAX DeminesAX Dennes.AX [email protected] [email protected] / inject contrast Shot-taxis subset Shortaxis subset DefineLongaxis Oefine Longaxis a Chamber Off 12 Right Ventricle Left Ventricle , Thorax Cor Tra Thorax_Cor_Tra Thorax Cor Tra CINE_segmented_LAX inject contrast Off 14 00112 dhamber CINE_segmented_SAX 4 Chamber a Chamber Captured cycle NO. Of Slices Of Slices Slices v' Left Ventricle Left Ventricle AAHeart_Scout AAHeart Scout CINE segmented LAX F CINE segmented LAX CINE segmented F CINE_segmented_LAX LAX 00: 14 00: 12 00:02 10 CINE_segmented_LAX( Demnes.AX Denines.AX Defines.AX DefinesAX DeninesAX Acquisition window 827 Apex 104 10 CINE_segmented_LA)( F CINE_segmented_SAX DefineLongaxis inject contrastk SAX 00:03 00.01 inject contrast LAX 00: 12 0012 00:039 ms Slices F DE ovewiew DE _overview DE_overview 00:02 00:03 00:09 12 oo:og oo:os CINE_segmented_LAX( CINE_Segmented_LA)( CINE_segmented_LAX 00:03 DE_overview f. DemesAX 0011 42 104 128% DennesAX DemesAX DemnesAX DefinesAX DE sea hih-res LAX 00:014 0011 00: 12 100% inJect contrast inject contrast inpect contrast 00:03 CINE_segmented_LAX 11 10 1.13 31 CINE_segmented_LA)( DE_seg_high-res_LAX DE_seg_hign-res_LAX DEsea hiah-res LAX DE_seg_high-res_SAX 00: 14 00: 12 Off 14 00: 2 Off 12 00:11 00:114 00:01 00f 12 00:039 00.'02 00:'02 10 11 DE overview DE_overview 00:014 00:03 010:2031338 Selectthe Slice Which best represents the apex of the left Select the slice Which best represents the right ventricle.t Select the Slice which best represents the left atrium. Select the Slice which best represents the aortic root. DE_seg_high-res_LAX 28% 128 w 10 CINE_segmented_LAX( CINE_segmented_LAX CINE_segmented_LA)( 00:03 oo:og oo:os DE_seg_high-res_SAX ventricle. Mark center of left ventricle as shown. Ventricle. Mark apex of left ventricle as shown. Mark margin of right ventricle as shown. Mark aortic root as shown. 42 32 DE_seg_high-res_LAX DEsea hiah-res LAX L. 12 10 DE sea hiah-res DE sea hih-res LAX DE sea hiah-res LAX LAX SAX 00: 12 Slices dd / Remove dd Remove E 01:12 E 01:42 E 00:43